MuppetDude , Aug 10, SesameStreetGuy , Aug 22, Slimey’s Sister Sloppy Is Born. Oh, and if you don’t mind, I know someone on this board was able to find the airdates of a few episodes by their numbers in the past, if anyone can do that for me for these, would you mind? Wanda Explores The Playground. Baby Bear Skips Breakfast. Wanda Cousteau Explores Sesame Street.

Dantecat , Aug 10, Big Bird tries to get “C is for Cookie” out of his head. Wild World Of X Games. Oscar on WCAN radio. Natasha Stands Up By Herself. Savion Teaches Tap Dancing. Telly And The Dogs.

Rosita Wants To Become a Grouchketeer. Natasha Stands Up By Herself. Telly The Masked Tuba Player.

Elmo And Merry Surprise People. Springtime On Sesame Street. You are viewing our forum as a guest.

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Telly Does Everything Bob Does. Telly Rock Sits For Rocco. Prairie Gets Followed By Etreet. After you see the new episodes, post here and let us know your thoughts.


I don’t know if these are correct or not, but here are some air dates I figured out by checking a different guide You must log in or sign up to reply here. Big Bird and Baby Bear end up playing together.

Sesame Street Episode

Shreet plays with Natasha. Big Bird tries to get “C is for Cookie” out of his head. Fireman Visits A Daycare Center. Prairie Plays Silly Games. Goldilocks Beats Baby Bear. Emily Moves To Sesame Street. Wanda Explores The Playground. I wonder why the “cookie flu” and the “waiting for Snuffy” episodes weren’t shown lately.

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Steret Waits For Radishdude. DantecatAug 9, Oscar Makes Himself King. Gordon tries to practice his flute. Zoe Forgets To Watch Mr.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.

As The World Takes Turns. Anyway, here’s what I have from that era: Adoption Of Miles Part 3. Daffyfan4everSep 11, CrazyAug 12, Baby Bear refuses to hibernate.

Prunella The Grouch Visits. Appreciation party for Barkley.


Telly Learns The Grouchketeer Cheer. The Pied Piper Of 57th Street. Just Another Quiet Day. Flo Bear Writes A Story. Telly accidentally receives Delly Monster’s Z. Elmo And The Beanstalk.

Guide to what Elmo’s World Segment Appeared in What Episode Number

When I was a little guy, apparently my parents thought it wouldn’t matter to me if an episode got taped over partial by other partial episodes. Jack Tries Something New. Elisode To Puerto Rico. Telly Becomes Gina’s Veterinarian Assistant. This page has been accessed 8, times. Elmo and Zoe explore “Lulu-Puddy”. Telly Visits For A Checkup.

It’s amazing to me that I taped the show almost every day for a year, and I only have 12 of those episodes left today!