Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: How many members of the server view Team Canada. Seth’s name comes from during high school. Millbee, season 11, after killing Pak. Zisteau has three; “Bad Ideas clean ” by Kevin Macleod for his Mindcrack season 3 videos, “Bits with Byte” by 8 Bit Weapon for his season 4 videos, and “If you don’t know what to do just steal the amen break” by C for his season 5 videos. Vanilla Server Season 6. Etho got his base “cleaned” up by Zisteau.

VintageBeef blocked Guude’s safe fall, killing him the next time he used it. A running gag on the server is that no one can remember Mhykol’s name. The various pictures of eyes from episodes are all references to the spider eyes he uses in his prank on Guude. Or he could save both, but lose a ton of valuable items In episode 57 after the death of Ferris Mueller , Paul tries to place a torch on Ferris’s gravestone and accidentally places it on the ground three blocks away. It was his AIM screen name.

Often the case in Trouble in Terrorist Town. One of the mods installed allowed the Mindcrackers to be beheaded in combat, and they would continue fighting like nothing happened. Paul blew up GenerikB’s RV. Many members were viewers of other Mindcrackers before starting their own Let’s Plays.

Shree, a previous member of the Mindcrack server who left because he got burnt out of the sethblinf, returns for one episode to build his UHC monument statue with Guude. Guude is working at a workbench, distracted, and Zisteau charges at him from behind. The B Team accuses Etho of this, obviously it was a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

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Subverted with the end of the trial; Baj okays some Last Wordsbut activates the gallows before anything can be said. Your mileage may vary on the flavor. Guude trapped Zisteau in an obsidian box. In Season 10, GenerikB’s head brings nothing but bad luck to anyone who holds it.


After Team Canada takes advantage of Zisteau ‘s Super Ocd in their prank, he completely remakes Pause’s nether track, changing it from a boring tunnel into a huge line with a rainbow and 8 Zisteau Faces.

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Vanilla Server Season 2. Beef mindcravk only loved it so much he refused to even consider it a prank, but he later stated his intention to move into the underwater village. Kurt has a tendency towards this as well in group settings. Quite a few of them are.

Of course, he got on through a contest of votes. Please use the talk page for contact. Zisteau then created a life-sized version of “Candyland” weason Beef.

Sounds harmless enough, until you remember that most of the vines must be individually whacked off the walls. Several incidents of the prank wars became this.

The Mindcrack Server provides examples of:

But still, not everyone can join. The B-Team Race to Commander series is ultimately decided by a margin of less than one kill. New folders for soon-to-come better organization:. Zisteau let one out at the tail end of a prank video by MCGamer. He Knows Too Much: Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: The B Team try to bribe Baj to find in their favor in the trial; minscrack results in him returning the bribe and adding attempted bribery to the list of charges.

Vechs and bats deserve a special mention, though. SethBling lives in Seattle, Washington. A separate, modded Mindcrack mindcradk has also been created using the Feed the Beast modpack for Minecraft. Vanilla Server Season 3. Pause can “control” the weather his rain dances. After pranking Guude, Zisteau was planning to retire from the prank wars, but Team Canada decided to give him a retirement gift.


Doesn’t lead to outright murder, but Team B place a bomb in Kurt’s base along with a message instructing him to ‘keep his big mouth shut’, as he’s the primary witness to their TNT heist.

Anderz saves Doc from an infinite loop of death here.

You need to login to do this. The Thumbnails of Zisteau’s Mindcrack videos are often clues as to what his next prank will be. Rain starts up halfway through the final battle of season 3. It wasn’t, however, enough for them to win. Any youtuber who gets on can expect a substantial boost in subscribers.

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A running gag on the server is that no one can remember Mhykol’s name. The wolf pack has been named “Guude’s Army.

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MC’s “assassination” of the B-Team. Battle in the Rain: From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Once the Wither s die s though VintageBeef blocked Guude’s safe fall, killing him the next time he sethbing it. On 14 DecemberSeth was gifted an exclusive cape for his contributions to Minecraft Realms. The other witness, Thejims, gets a horse head over his bed which will actually prevent him from respawning in his house. Unlike most instances, this actually decides the outcome as it foils Kurt’s attempt to burn down the forest Guude is hiding in.

This page was last modified on 6 Octoberat After the event, Guude asked Seth if he wanted to join the server, but Seth declined the offer, reasoning that he does not produce normal Let’s Plays.