Grigore Cartianu – Sfarsitul Ceausestilor. We have taken actions to implement your instructions, both at the consular section of the Embassy and at the General Consulate in Kiev. Toate cele gasite au fost filmate de catre Spiru Zeres, iar apoi predate si transportate la U. Dispozitivele antitero de militari in termen si profesionisti au primit munitie de razboi. What happened to those terrorists who were caught? For a good comparison and analysis of public opinion polling performed in and about classifying what happened in December , see Catalin Augustin Stoica in http: The chaos that would have ensued—with likely multiple alternative power centers, including geographically—would have likely led to a far greater death toll and could have enabled those still betting on the return of the Ceausescus to after a time reconquer power or seriously impede the functioning of any new government for an extended period.

Suspicion, in particular, surrounded the role of Libyans, which, as we have seen, at the very least, somehow found themselves in areas of gunfire in December. As one scrolls through the names and photos, one of the similarities that begins to become apparent is that in cases where there is more information about the circumstances of the death, dum-dum bullets are mentioned. Material primit de la dl. To this date, the Soviet Embassy was unable to obtain and transmit any such information. He flew to Tehran on Dec 18 while his troops were brutally putting down a riot in the Romanian city of Timisoara. On 21 December , at

In the almost complete chaos that dominated at the time, the New Power [i. In the spirit of sincerity, ceausrstilor for our bilateral relations, we would like to ceausestioor that we are surprised by its tone and the accusations regarding the position and role of the Soviet Union with respect to the events taking place in Timisoara.

Maria Petrascu has described elsewhere what she and her husband found on December at the County Morgue: S-a incercat atunci sa se ia legatura cu Vlad Iulian. The capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein—from the Romanian perspective, in December of all months! Our attention is drawn to the sfarsitil large number of Soviet tourists, be they by bus or car.


He received a death threat, wrapped in a newspaper.

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Filj, very few of the opposition were familiar with or cared about the origins of the DIA thesis. Due to such problems, the Soviet government asks that the Romanian government send. Delhi6 In Dual Audio Hindi.

Western journalist during his trip to Brussels. Keeping silent on the subject would have only [served to] irritate the Soviet. Adresele celor doi nu trebuie neaparat publicate. Aboimov said that during the 19 December discussions between the Soviet ambassador.

Before ceausestilkr advent in the mid and late s of user-generated content video sites, much of what had been seen of the Revolution came from the studios and cameras of Romanian Television or foreign networks. Of course, there is no connection between the two events. Ceausescu returned from a trip in Iran on 20 December and immediately convened a session of the Politburo.

We are starting, invariably, from the.

Since the director of the TAROM office has received instructions that he is to continue boarding transit passengers without any changes, we would like to request instructions with regard to the actions we must take in such situations. The colonel later came and loaded the wounded terrorist suspects into a bus and off they went.

It would be interesting to hear what they remember and what they have to say regarding the munitions. For a good comparison and analysis ceusestilor public opinion polling performed in and about classifying what happened in Decembersee Catalin Augustin Stoica in http: First, the use of dum-dum munitions was not confined to Bucharest multiple locationsbut includes the southwestern city of Resita the case of Ion Lupea.

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Era un dosar de aproximativ 25 cm grosime si cit am stat acolo, sa pazesc, am rasfoit aproape jumatate din el. But more importantly, the transcript could not explain a the lack of any corroboration since of these supposed Army units attacking the Defense Ministry on the night of December —truly hard to believe, given all the young recruits and given their comparative willingness to talk to the media after all these years, in comparison to the former Securitate, and b the claims in summer by the Army cadre who had been involved in the firefight with the USLA and the interviews of civilians in the surrounding blocs of flats who had lived through the fighting in December and related what they had seen.


What about the file on those who fired at me at the Astronomical Observatory on Ana Ipatescu Boulevard or those who at on 24 Sfarsituk fired near Casa Scanteii [press building] where I found a dum-dum ceauxestilor in my bed—us having had to sleep in the bathroom.

Am fost lasati la vatra cu cinci luni inainte de sfatsitul pentru a ne pierde urma. In vain, we requested ballistics tests and other research, ceausesgilor vain we presented forms, documents, x-rays, studies.


In regards with the problems raised during our. It is true that some of the published materials are based. At a moment, ceausdstilor formed a question in Arabic. Instruct all members of the mission to act in conformity with the above instructions.

Dum-dum bullets—which fragment and cause substantially more and more lethal damage to the organs of those who are hit—are outlawed by international convention see more below. While it is clear that the KGB was interested in obtaining information about the.

The processes taking place [in Eastern Europe] are the result of objective needs. On 23 December he went to defend the Radio Broadcast center on str. I stated that and a detailed check was made in order to prove that I was not involved in such acts. When and how were the bunkers discovered? He died a few hours later, the doctors fi,m to save his life, but the glontul exploziv exploding bullet perforated his intestines.

Moreover, there were exhumations. Piata Republicii, on the one ceauxestilor, the Presidential Palace, to which the terrorists would repair, on the other. We saw for ourselves these type of arms.