While there are a lot of fun activities, the highlight of the day is the Pickle Parade. Had your fill of green? One contest per person, pickle prizes for winners. Me and Bubba has done broken out of jail, and we’re riding into town to shoot your big, fat, stupid, ugly head off. C35 Cathlin 4-H Building Q30 Judson Star Tribune Newspaper X19 Cosgrove The X-Zone

Down some muscle-friendly pickle juice and start your day with one of these timed races or fun runs that include a costume contest and dill pickle for all finishers. Despite his spending 30 years with the show, Cameron said he still enjoys the face-offs between the sheriff and the deputy and Bad Bobb and his little brother, Bubba Bobb. K26 Adventure Park Seed Survivor A crowd favorite each year are the famous Pickle Queens. Try your hand or stomach! R28 Underwood Pet Center Sign up at the Pickle Queen booth at the corner of Oak and Main streets the morning of the parade.

sehnaniguns Do you LOVE pickles? P31 Judson Rock Climbing Wall After the show, one boy approached Bad Bobb to ask about pieces of the set and whether or not he enjoyed playing the bad guy. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. In between, guests will find everything from pickle eating contests to a family-friendly festival and of course, the Pickle Parade itself, which will feature more than 90 floats including the famed Pickle Queens.


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Located near the playground, the Kids Korner stage showcases local musical talents, dance groups, and other performers. F21 Randall Convenience Store P31 Judson River Raft Ride X23 Cosgrove Crossroads Building Bruce Springsteen has dealt with depression for more than 30 years.

After all the money I spent on cheerleading camp? K26 Adventure Park Space Tower This is Cameron’s 30th year acting in ShenaniGuns!

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G25 West Dan Patch Includes: Gimme those,” Bad Bobb said to Bubba Bobb, grabbing the pompoms from his hands. Prairie Mountain Media Videos.

X Cosgrove Employment Center This great honor is celebrated each spring with the now world-famous St. Do you drink all the pickle juice before you eat the pickles?

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G24 Dan Patch History Museum Working for West Texas Productions also shenainguns him the chance to help write the scripts, build the props and design the sets. Run 4 Cover is always popular. And the other acts are willd too. At one point, Bad Bobb and the sheriff engaged in a competition to shoot objects around the set: One contest per person, pickle prizes for winners. R8 Murphy Ye Old Mill While there are a lot of fun activities, the highlight of the day is the Pickle Parade.


Coffey Anderson is fun to watch and a real crowd-pleaser. A crowd favorite each year are the famous Pickle Queens. Playground is closed during the parade. K26 Adventure Park Wiser Living Y20 Cosgrove Medical Aid east V27 Cooper Talent Contest Reporter-Herald Staff Writer Posted: The company puts on shows at state fairs, county fairs and theme parks around the nation and throughout the year.