And just like what MrSpade said the items she gets are related to what other champs get, and in this sense, some champs, for example Morgana Dear God , do better. Dagannoth Rex April 27, Magikxx April 27, Don’t compare pros to solo queue. Heimerdinger, Kha’Zix, Zed, and Yasuo. Ron Usir April 27, In the previous seasons there were considerably less champions and some really stuck out like a sore thumb due to balance issues.

Stop going off a tangent and look at facts. In fact, they shake up the meta and test players in many different aspects of the game, such as the ability to quickly identify overpowered picks and use them. AXIS April 28, Je la joue surtout en premade. While superstars like WeiXiao are usually able to succeed on any patch, they are able to have larger impacts in metas which favor their position. Same here, except I think Kassadin is in the right tier.

Gadex5 April 27, I didnt say Kha flae late game was better than warwicks, I said it was an incredible force and could rival warwick, which it can.

And with feral flare and wit’s end warwick’s ult will devastate Kayle’s health bar. Privacy Policy Contact Info. He IS fantastic against the squishies, but you shouldn’t build jungle Kayle squishy.

Had Meteos subsequently signed with another organization and rose to prominence in the Devourer patch, it snyvana seem like Cloud9 had made an egregious mistake. Dagannoth Rex April 26, Also with low-range supports now.


These same tendencies can also extend to specific players. He’s overshadowed by most if not all Feral Flare junglers, he lacks CC, when he’s on CD he’s done for, he’s very squishy, and unlike Feral Flare late game, he falls off the map. This is why he has seen zero play on the professional scene.

2014 Champion Tier List – Solo Queue – Patch 4.6 Update

Instead, his resurgence was due to a meta-shifting patch which transformed his position to better suit his skillset. It’s like zephyr on adc Rundownmonkey April 29, ShadowSect April 28, She may not be a hard carry, but she is a a good augment and balancer to any team.

If it goes uber late, which the current meta isnt about, warwick would beat him.

CLG recruited a player under one set of requirements and were punished with an adjustment period when the meta shifted. You can’t just disregard someone’s opinion, even if it does change. I said th ewin rates were good, flafe one is disputing that warriwck is a good jungler. Kayle isn’t a technically difficult champ to play which allows you to focus on playing the best jungler you can.

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Fiora and trundle are great examples of champions who made it to god tier for completely different reasons. July 10, I could accept Kha maybe being second if you must but no – one else matches up.


In the past, our approach to the jungle has been through smaller sets of changes, aimed at fixing only the issues that arose in the previous year. I do recall her stun got nerfed by like 0. I played with this guy and he seems to do well with Fiora ADC for example: What’s your opinion about Nidalee? He might be very jungel in a 1v1 situation but in teamfights you won’t even notice him.

But does that mean you should buy it first 4 items?

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Kass deserves tier 1 atleast. As for carry jungles, she’s not as good as the Feral Flare junglers, and while people might play her differently, most don’t. As such, the only pro to Trundle seaason the moment is that he can destroy tanks Late game AD boost and life steal against champions make it ideal for both AD carries and assassins alike.

Mid-split patches are both exciting and introduce an interesting competitive element.