Silvatein By Ary Digital Episode 22 — 4th july For me, this episode was the best one so far. Silvatein episode 4 in High quality by ARY digital — 28 february Mira is indeed the underdog of the cast — giving such a convincing Natasha. After today the litlle sympathy I had for Natasha has totally gone! The actors are all turning in fab performances, and have great chemistry with each other.

Muneeze is also a really big drama queen.. He deserves much better. Feel sorry for Mikaal but chalo as you said this allows for Adeel to make his proper entry into the play which I have been looking forward to all this time. Just my 2 cents. Back to the episode, the story seems to have shrugged off its lethargy and picked up speed today. It feels terrible to see Mikaal go — thank you Vasay Chaudhary for making him SO lovable — but I love the effect this is having on Zaib.

Much as she talks about not wanting to play second fiddle in a marital relationship, she is the one who needs to grow up, but I guess this will be a gradual change.

I just found that particular dialogue a bit too repetitive in terms of a screenplay — times in an episode?.

Sooo looking forward to next week when Zaib arrives. Plz give us a parenting ! What an episode in terms of character sketching!

Silvatein Episode 17 in High Quality 30 May What the heck are you thinking woman? Bewaqoofi ki bhi koi inteha hoti hai ke nahin?!

Well SZ great review and yes glad it moved along jluy will be more drama now with zeb stirring the pot! I am amused at how blatantly she refuses to pull her weight around the house and Bilal…bechaara Bilal.


Can someone hand me a gun so that I can go shoot this girl! I am sorry to see Vasay Chaudhry go, epixode am now looking forward to seeing him in Armaan.

Agree with everyone so glad mikaal broke it off….

You are commenting using your Twitter account. My friends in America- beware! Cannot wait for the next installment, juuly thank you again for a brilliant review!

Silvatein By Ary Digital Episode 7

Silwatein Episode 13 by Ary Digital 2nd may Now if he wants to maintain peace and order Rayaan bhai had better monitor the situation carefully. If for nothing else, Silvatein should be watched just for the positive portrayals of men.

Meera Sethi plays the role to absolute perfection. Even a very selfish and materialistic person would attempt to play silvxtein at least publicly and try to make a good impression. Just need Bilal to step up to the plate and wear the pants in this relationship. Am I the only one who cheered out loud seeing the price tag on her Tee? Silvatein episode 7 in High quality by ARY digital — 21th march I so have to play catch up on some silavtein these dramas in the coming weeks!

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Natasha is a loony toon, we knew that, and this episode sealed the deal on that issue. Apart from the goth track, the scenarios and situations have been relevant, a lot of fun, and most importantly very innovative.


Epixode is not a very good personselfish and materialistic are the mildest descriptions I can find for her. Silvatein episode 4 in High quality by ARY digital — 28 february I am glad that we were shown that despite a filmy ending to the track, Zaib was wrong to have meddled in the whole Dilawar affair the way she did. Natasha akeli hi eipsode hai. On a more positive note, it seems that her run-in with Dilawar has opened her eyes up to the mundane nature of her lifestyle and she has turned into a new leaf overnight.

Holy smokes man…Natasha needs a big time reality check.

Along with neglecting to teach her any kind of self-reflection whatsoever, her parents also forgot to sit her down and make her watch all those drama serials with the mazloom aurat stories. Agar woh sab dekha hota tau aaj apne Chotoo ki qadar karti and ghar walon ke saath aisey na karti…. Learn how your comment data is processed. She drives the poor man nuts and phir bhi woh agay peeche ghoom tha rehta hai. Silvatein episode 6 in High quality by ARY digital — 14th march Silvatein Episode 16 in High Quality 23 May