Vinyl windows contract and decontract with the weather. The previous person said all of the reviews are the same so I was letting him know that they are in fact all different. As I just finished installing 10 for a customer upon recipt I inspected windows and had to have them send me a new screen missing expansion bar. You can also subscribe without commenting. If yes what model? You just left a comment saying the product was fine!

If u see the flame moving, it means the widow sucks. My house is pretty large above grade. The majority of customers who are perfectly satisfied just go about their day without posting comments. So far we have no complaints with any of them. I have over three dozen silverline windows in our house which was built in I installed myself may be the reason.

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I guess we are the exception. These windows are vinyl. Between 2 pieces of glass there is rust but it was caused by the air we breath?

They have been a continuous problem. The previous person said all of the reviews are the same so I was letting him know that they are seried fact all different. Local construction company will handle any windows I want from Home Depot. We are going on our 3rd winter in this house and so far the winter has been mild in upstate NY but we want some resolution.

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Thanks and good luck. This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I think you may find there is a better value in the market than the windows you mentioned. After reading all these reviews I am worried that I made the wrong choice and that I aeries had paid the extra money on new windows.


The builder has listed Anderson Silverline for the Windows but no specific model.

I installed myself may be the reason. Just on the mend.

However, when compared to the Silverline I would judge them inferior at nearly twice the price. I had these windows installed when we built our home innot sure what series.

I was relatively satisfied with these windows until I had window seal problems with three different windows in the house after 5 years of service. Silverline were installed 8yrs ago in our CBS home to get impact resistance and insulation. The company does NOT stand behind their windows. I want vinyl, either casement swing out or double hung. When large wood window manufacturers like Andersen get into the vinyl window business the last thing they want to do is cannibalize their very popular and very profitable wood windows.

Upon investigating swollen drywall under window during interior painting a leak was found. After a few months of installing, I tilted in to clean them and it fell right off the track.

Please say something good about these windows Silverline. Either DIY installations or projects completed by inexperienced installers are typically the cause.


I know that because I wrote them.

Thanks for any advice you can give me. Sales reps recommends Low E only and not Argon Gas…he says it eventually leaks out within a few years and not worth the additional cost.

Silver Line Windows Reviews

You might be much more the rule than the exception. The representative from Silverline did blame the builder. But we live with it, because we like the look of these windows 11 months out of the year as we look out over the seriies to the western sunsets.

You are absolutely right W.

Installation issues are pretty common with windows that can be bought at box stores. Wardanty produce low end vinyl windows that are not real competitors to wood window products.

If no, suggested windows in that priceline. Then I went out to the house and saw it with my own eyes. Let us know what they say. Who is the best window company in your town? Then they fly away to never, never land.