Something that rather severely contrasts I didn’t see lee min ho in this drama, then why are you dragging him out. I was totally satisfied here, but absolutely hated Rooftop Prince’s reincarnation ending. Certainly it might just be this sense of something missing is driven by a long history or half baked and not happy endings. It ended up coming off as kind of cheap. And why does everyone in the drama cry, cry, cry? There’s a deal being made and one can see clearly what is happening and that it is even if they can’t ever fathom why or how.

Thanks JB and GF for the wonderful and witty recaps! PersonaInnominatum October 19, at 2: The one who caused my death was myself. If Arang were to realize on her own what you have found out, she will have been rewarded. The bell would only ring if she killed the person who killed her which was herself which is why it wouldn’t work. You still get Mu Yeon dead.

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I read netizens comments In the end, this episode drama played out just like the South Korean soccer team has done in the last two World Cup games: But the whole Jade emperor thing magistates much later to Korea. Though,If they did get the chance to meet in the afterlife before reincarnation, they should’ve just stayed and wandered as ghosts together! I also love how the drama highlights that Eun-oh had autonomy, the whole way through. Their own, the one them that made everything owed to them — is repaid as and in another life with memories intact.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Regardless, it deserves a solid 5. Just wanted to mention that the forgetfulness drink exists in Chinese mythology too, except that it is soup instead of water.


Retrieved November 10, But the Viki Apps doesn’t really show as much as when you’re on the pc. I could not stop laughing when she started scolding Eun-Ho.

Dol-swe leads Bang-wool through the village, urging her to stand beside him rather than trailing meekly behind, which is enough to make me love him though I already do.

Honestly, I’m a little envious of you. I’m confused, the bell rings if she will find out who killed her. Mia we are adult enough, yes I like the grim reaper though he is a general in chuno – and I like him since Chuno.

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The 2 cute kids add more color in this drama. But say it was.

Alas, we know strength sinopssis character is not his forte. One that pleases the seasoned story lover and the characters that dwell in it as well as abiding to the laws of the story’s universe. They get to skip all magisfrates heartache they endured in the previous life, and ostensibly starting an ordinary, boring, and long life together.

We reopen some time in the unspecified future. The reaper is the one to guide the souls there, and as we know, he just lost his only reaper contact. At some point, I did start to think episodee was getting a bit convoluted, but all in all, I rally liked the ending. Arang heaves an adorable sigh of long-suffering and starts her story about a long, long time ago when there was a ghost named Arang and a magistrate named Eun-oh… Her frustration is freaking hilarious, and uncanny.

Kiara October 19, at 6: From the cringeworthy moments between shaman girl and the lovable lug of a servantsma, the redemption? Next thing we know, Eun-oh is bursting out afang the library to rejoin Arang in the courtyard. I can find it. I thought the contemplative goodbyes in voiceover for each of our main characters was a nice touch, and reinforced the life-affirming, cyclical nature of everything in this world.


Will [35] “Love Is You” instrumental. The guard warns him that once he enters, he has a time limit—and if he fails to find his answer, he will be unable to return to his life. And Jade keep sinposis memory There is no deus ex machina when there are already gods in the plot from the get-go. Other than that the acting was stellar, particularly on Kang Moon Young.

Even an alternate ending for our characters. I didn’t recognize anything Mongolian specifically Arang remembers everything, but Eun Oh doesn’t because he drank from the well of forgetfulness in heaven.

Noemi October 18, at 7: Say the later was taken up. Agree that not all got a happy ending, only the good guys did.

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But does not elevates all the harsh things that you’ve said in a drama. He gives the citizens the power to elect their magistrate. The general is The grim reaper here.

Archived from the original on October 29, I am pretty sure Eun Oh didn’t drink from episod well becos he was just teasing her at the end I’ve always seen your comments in every other drama with a negative attitude. That’s superb speed, thought I need to wait till my noon time before I can read it ;D Will further comment after reading the recaps. But I will hold onto that feeling forever.