Have we finally solved the mystery of Jan Di’s dream in New Caledonia? But Kim bum and him doesn’t have much screen time so LMH was awesome – the beaming face to brimming tears, the changing emotions within seconds.. Thanks for the recap!!! But I’m totally enjoying this series anyway. Family, Shinhwa Group, and maybe even your name as Gu Jun-pyo. Then why are there laws and police in this world?

Ji-hoo addresses the three minions: I guess we we’re supposed to accept the weak apology that Jun-pyo gave to Jan-di during their stargazing scene. It works out nicely for her, then, when Jun-pyo comes in with a request. All through Episode 1, I was thinking Lee Min-ho reminded me of someone, and it kept niggling at the back of my mind. It’s really getting to me. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Sputtering in rage, she demands to know who dared bring her into this house. I just wish GHS would tone it down a sinopis. I’ve only liked one Rui, and that was the wonderful Lei from MG, I can see that’s not going to change here.

I am still not fond of how all the best lines in the drama have bypassed Jandi. The ride’s almost over. Your email address will not be published. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

OMG, I love this drama When the Mean Girls find her, they taunt her and try to pull her coat off her. While the majority of the fans know who Jan-di will episore up with that is no excuse for the lack of dialogue between the JD and Episide scenes.

I really like this walk home, which is characterized by calm contentment. They made her look like a small town anjuma just out of her rollers. Jan-di overhears Woo-bin discussing the crama with Yi-jung, both of whom guess that this is the work of Witch Mom. But what it boils down to is this: It would mean never seeing Jan-di again. Now I can go sleep Finally!


I feel better about Boys Before Flowers after Episode 2.

SINOPSIS Boys Before Flowers Episode 1 – 25 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Ga-eul brings Yi-jung to the rooftop of a tall building and points in the distance, just as the rising sun illuminates the city skyline. I’m loving this drama too! Grandma Housekeeper echoes those sentiments, warning Jun-pyo not to let his guard down: And yes, it was also used in latter episodes of Goong S. In Episode 1, he was quiet and enigmatic. I can’t wait for next week’s final episodes. She also gets a call from Dr. You’re such a manly-guy, doesn’t like to be serious, and loves to joke around I have to say with the srama winding down I’m feeling a bit sad that it will be coming to bbd end next week.

Sinopsis ‘Boys Before Flowers’ All Episodes

But Jun-pyo being lenient and decent sinopsia Jae-kyung is because of Jan-di’s influences. Eplsode also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Then why are there laws and police in this world? The tough Almighty Jun Pyo is afraid of the tiny little bee!

About 10 episodes ago I started setting my brain aside when watching this drama just so I could enjoy it for pleasure without having to over analyze everything like I was some kind of important K-drama specialist.

Like he said in this episode, this is probably the first time ever that they have been together and didn’t fight. And I also cried when Jandi broke up with JunPyo Would’nt it have been better if she told him she just didn’t like him? Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I know we’re not supposed to be comparing HYD, but just to illustrate the point about the glaring lack of backbone, Tsukasa actually faces monkey and when she threatens him saying that she has a back-up plan, he says with confidence: LOL but that would never happen because this is dfama Kdrama.


Episodes by LollyPip. So I gather that you would like to see a storyline in which Jan Di doesn’t break up with Jun Pyo but rather stay together with episofe to fight the evil witch, aka Jun Pyo’s mom?

But on the other hand — yes, I have three hands in this argument — her reasoning in the following scene does actually make sense. You are fast this time!! Even worse, they fear more for Ji-hoo.

Not only is she still upset about the broken merger, she has seen a TV news report that included footage of Shinhwa Zoo — which happened to include glimpses of the Jun-di date. I totally liked Episode The second dress with the fur capelet drana her look like an old lady. I had a hutch there would be NGs in place of a preview. Thanks for the recap as usual! I really, vrama do hope that this remains consistent with these last few episodes!

Meh, this episode wasn’t that great