In addition, she loved her art and he his people and king. In an age when women were treated as if they were invisible, Hwang Jini becomes a celebrated gisaeng -singer-dancer-poet of the 16th century. I think I would have been a lot more forgiving if love hadn’t played such an important, integral part in the story. Cinta pertamanya dengan anak seorang bangsawan, Kim Eun Ho berakhir dalam tragedi. I can’t say they weren’t in love, but it wasn’t the same love Jin Yi had for Eun-ho. And Ha Ji Won says in real life she prefers him haha: Not if it would mean losing their love, but to protect and save him, she had to lose their love, and so she would turn to art in her solitude and heartbreak. I think this is pretty relevant for today’s age when women have to balance or choose between career and family.

The series was based on the tumultuous life of Hwang Jini , who lived in 16th-century Joseon and became the most famous gisaeng in Korean history. Anonymous August 4, at 3: Korean Broadcasting System television dramas South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings s South Korean television series Korean-language television programs South Korean historical television series Television series set in the Joseon Dynasty Television programs based on South Korean novels. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But I had a really hard time buying the main character and I actually feel a little upset on behalf of the real historical Hwang Jin Yi this show was supposedly based on. This page was last edited on 11 March , at See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. And yet, when she finally finds love again and seems genuinely happy, she throws it away to protect him.

Anyways, from here on, I think I see what the writers were trying to portray about her life and her art.

Complete Mary Sue in all crama untouchable, loved glory by all, including her enemies, the King and even the man she eventually ditches in a horrible, horrible way. In addition, she loved her art and he his people and king.


After this whole ordeal, you can see her strength and her conviction by how well she holds everything inside her and how she can almost seamlessly go back to art again.

But then of course, Jung Han gets caught. In a time of desperation when Jin Yi has lost her art, they both succumb to their fantasy. The cumulation of all her “womanly” experiences, namely the love and grief, are expressed in her art, thus making it profound and great.

Gooyaabi Templates Powered by Blogger. Again, I liked the series She could do absolutely no wrong, including hating and actively trying to create the downfall of her teacher right up until the teacher’s death, after sinoosis she finally realized maybe the bitch hadn’t been trying to hold her down but had tried to make her reach her highest potential.

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It’s become one of my favorite kdramas. We debated the ending quite a bit there – and though it probably still won’t be satisfactory, at least it’ll make more sense! No matter where they ran, art and duty would call to them, and maybe one day, love would not be enough to drown them out. In the end, she had to make the decision, not him, because she knows he would have chosen love.

KBS ‘s Wednesday—Thursday dramas. This was just pure Mary Sue for me, I’m sorry. Retrieved from ” https: When elisode refuses the King’s offer, it is for several different reasons that may contradict each other she is still human, after all: Hwang Jin Yi — Episode Hwang Jin Yi adalah seorang anak tidak sah dari seorang bangsawan dengan Heon Keum, gisaeng musisi yang terkenal.

Cinta pertamanya dengan anak seorang bangsawan, Kim Eun Ho berakhir dalam tragedi. In that case I’d say this show was spot on. I guess in the end, I was just frustrated with Jin Yi’s character.

Enraptured by the beauty of their singing and dancing, Jini runs away and enters the gibang, or gisaeng house, where she meets her mother for the first time. I feel like I should explain everything so there’s no misunderstanding of my opinion So Jin Yi’s art matures and becomes great because she was able to experience love, and then pain and understanding at the loss of that love.


But then, as all humans are prone to do, they start dreaming and hoping and fooling themselves into thinking it could be otherwise.

Must say though, he was more likable the second time around. Jini then falls in love with Kim Eun-ho, son of a powerful nobleman, but his parents refuse to accept the relationship due to the difference in their social status.

Maybe I’m totally wrong!! HJWfan January 24, at 5: Read the comments, Anonymous.

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It wasn’t that she believed their love could not last or maybe she thought so a little bitjust that she did not think herself worthy enough for him to ruin his life over. I don’t get the end of this drama. I don’t think people can love each other as much a second time because they are more cautious and afraid to put themselves out there once bitten, twice shy.

From that day on, Jini trains to become Joseon ‘s top gisaeng.

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But one day, the seven-year-old Jini slips away from the temple and comes across a gisaeng performance, and is drawn to her destiny. So even though they loved each other, it wasn’t a complete and sinopsix love; and thus they both noticed something lacking. They sijopsis realized their mistake – they were too naive and hadn’t been shown their limits yet. In Thailand the series aired on True4U starting October 26, While drunk, she decides to kill herself, but the poet Kim Jung-han saves her.