Otoh, i actually hope DS will have a loveline w BW just becos they look cute together.. He runs over in front of Arang and urges her to run. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Arang and Joowal, I feel like I have a handle on what there story is, even though I know there’s probably plenty still to be revealed. He arranges them following the cardinal directions, and then wonders if maybe there are more pieces to this puzzle…. Now if only I can find episode 11 to watch! It’s rare to find a character like Joowal, whom I view with disgust and pity, in an Asian drama – usually people are so black and white.

CPR to the drain. So let them push each other along that route This is Gaksital’s final week. I am forever grateful. I just don’t like gems like this not getting proper recognition. Minea September 19, at It makes my heart hurt. It’s going to be a looong 3 full moons, poor thing

Arang stirs awake to find Eun-oh sleeping by her bedside, sitting up. Mom gets creepier with every episode. Bang-wool thanks her for saving her life, and Arang smiles, saying it was payment for all the times she helped before.

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He seems like a guy who likes to do that, wouldn’t he? He goes to bed clutching it tightly. Thanks for this recap your are awesome I was kinda hoping the missing sister was a random soul-trapped-village-girl that Moo-Young would eventually free and subsequently have a loving final parting. Eun Oh is her actual spawn Soo creepy, and I didn’t understand anything he was saying watching raw. The writer definitely seems to have a great handle on the world created and seems to have everything planned in advance.

Reka September 23, at 1: But then Dol-swe bursts in with a bloody Eun-oh on his back, and the Bangs gaaaaasp.

So now I just watch raw then come here for recap. Well, I people have different tastes. I love the onion metaphor!


Right, and its much easier to sub modern dramas. Hades reinforces his stance, that they follow rules for a reason. Eun -oh on the other hand still feels very mysterious to me. But she spots something near the tree where he fell…. Am wondering if she descended after she died? Those old fogies are stingy.

Every character is like secret mystical being that we don’t understand. So if not friend, then savior. I mean, this from the guy who joked that she should hurl herself off a cliff to save him. Aaaaack, the fall makes my stomach lurch. Audrey September 5, at 8: But if monster mom did try to eat and ferment Arang the first time around and she managed to escape in the manner in which you said, you really don’t think mom would remember that?

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I’ve also been thinking of Supernatural while watching this! D it’s very enjoyable. Well that got his attention. The editing guys didnt have their glasses on.

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Throw in some swooning for Joo Wal also. Eunoh-Muyeong fight scene is so jjang! Noemi September 20, at 5: No — monster mom couldn’t have eaten Arang’s soul because Arang’s soul has been wandering around as a lost ghost from the day she died, three years before. Am also wondering about Eun-Oh’s family history, and why he’s so hung up over mom. But then if you’re chopping up virgin brides to satisfy mom’s munchies maybe you wouldn’t look too closely? And yes if they are to do it directly there would be no need of all this episodes That must be her true image.

Seriously, where’s Sam and Dean when you epusode them? I hope someone takes all of Eun-oh’s fight scenes and just put it in one video.


I figured it has the same meaning here, considering that this IS a saguek, and there’s no way that Joo-wal can be married to Mom, and obviously he fears her, everything adds up if we translate “bu-in” as “madame”, no?

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I’m guessing that when Joo-Wal and Lee Seo Rim got married they were engaged, rememberMom will take over her body and continue her evil deeds as the new Lady Choi.

Plus, the image in the creepy mirror is different too although it could be argued it’s just a younger version, I’m positive it’s not, going back to the JW flashback.

He scrambles over to Arang, shouting her name. That is so unlike her. She crawls through to find a rather large cave inside, and drags him all the way in. Hm, did Mom get a free pass from the Jade Emperor once upon a time? Eerily like when you killed her and rode off with her corpse…. I know coz I just had that training two weeks ago! Though her demon agenda takes priority, her personal vendetta has to be in play, otherwise why choose Lord Choi to be her hunter, and then insert Joo-wal into his household to play the son?

Is he allowed to just walk among the people like that? They go to Bang-wool to ask if she recognizes the symbols, and tell her to look into what they could be used for. So that kills it two seconds after I enjoyed it.