I just want to say that I’m also the minority here who’ve actually enjoyed Heirs despite its flaws. I just lurv the whole thing about Heirs.. Faye December 13, at When I saw that suit, I thought, come on. When Won gave her that wishbone in the beginning of the drama, my gut feeling said that it was gonna bring bad luck. Email required Address never made public.

I think that a few things emphasis on few , he did well, however overall, he was not a good boyfriend, and I found him to be abusive, to be honest. Zhao for any possible clue. But I guess really I just thought that some tie-ups were almost an afterthought. Zhi shu and Xiang Qin are so good together. Because you taught the world that any dreams could come true with diligent perseverance and enthusiasm. Thank you, curious, I appreciate it. So here we go:. In her classroom, Xiang Qin thinks back to the first time she ever saw Zhi Shu.

I aagain sure now that his wardrobe had affected his viewers’ perception of his character and acting. I only knew it was something to do with being transmitted to the child.

It was good to read from you, thank you for answering my questions, I appreciate that.

Sinopsis Drama Thailand Kiss Me Episode 1-20 (Tamat)

I understood why Won chose the company. Woooo I agree too. He became strong, but at night he cried.


Simone December 15, at 5: Chan-young tries to teach Tan about the art of waiting for the fish, which Tan is of course way too impatient to even listen to.

They can’t be half brother-sister but they can be lovers in future.

Young Do’s story was the most engaging for me. Advance Happy Birthday to Joe Cheng… hope will c u soon …. I think most of these corporate decisions use the majority system, but don’t take my word for it.

Seriously can not decide what is worse the sweaters or that suit. Herihead episode titles completed!

You learn from your mistakes, sinlpsis on and become a better person. We might stumble again, or kneel again. I have picnic blankets that look so much better than that suit. A small rebellious act in an otherwise regimented life. I mean Hyo Shin will surely, confirm, put his top priority on this girl than Kim Won who put his 1st priority to Jeguk Corp anytime. KT got love and the cushy lifestyle so Won had to make up for it.

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I really wanted to know what will happen to their story?? She and her friends are actually being chased by a crowd of sympathetic followers and busybodies. One supposes it is so because it seemed to be implied in the earlier episodes.


Email required Address never made public. Kim Won told Chan Young that the company was his 1st priority, his girlfriend was 2nd. Young-do points out that right now washing dishes is the only thing he has the power to do.

August December 17, at 2: I have a reason for this: It reminded me of ‘The OC’ popular American series from years ago. I do hope it comes true. They both loved her because of what she is and represents. My problem with watching again isn’t wanting more humor and cuteness, but wanting more surprises, more mysteries, specifically, birth secrets, plural.

I will have to rewatch it. That was a part of the plot I didn’t get either.

Ivoire December 13, at 1: JD December 15, at 3: