Do I think it was sweet? G watches her reaction. Sena did you call that punk. I have to know where we are going. She is left alone. Would be nice if they called.

H smiles at him then closes her eyes. He nods his head and she nods back crying. I just want to have a memory of marrying you. He says she cant be late for the surgery time. She cries and says who asked you to do this. He keeps calling out- you cant be — no — park ha H is rushed to the hospital. H getting hurt- suffering all this time — it was all cuz of us so we should take responsibility. H says I should have sat in the back.

She puts the necklace on him. He knocks the remote out of her hand and kisses her passionately. G runs to the hospital with the guys. S hides in the grass and watches. M types up a script for Y to star in. The Return of Iljimae Final. After he is gone S gets a call from G. S says I cant go. G stops the car and everyone is shocked.

S goes into surgery for H. New Tales of Gisaeng Final. But he goes a different way. T tells her not to pick up G is waiting and Y and C show up. G pays some other guy in cash for the store. Teaser Time Slip Dr. I was grateful for all this time.


Visually it drives homes that the illusion of a happy life with G has just been shattered. M and Y walk down the aisle with G and H.

T says if you go to the hospital and wait, S will be there in time for the surgery. The guys hand over a lot of money to G. T drags her away so G yells let go of her hand.

S comes back and T yells at her -where did you go without a word. Romanization jam mot irugo nuneul tteo baraboni bamsae jeojeun meorimate nae begaega ije geumanhaja ije geumanhaja jebal ije noha jugenni ap Athena Episode Final.

H calls out your highness and makes him look at her. Iljmae Episode Final.

You said my quick temper was the biggest problem. Sementara itu, ada Bu Yong, yang tidak hanya rival Hwang Jin Yi dalam hal menari, tapi juga dalam percintaan. S says she wont go with him. Hwang Jin Yi adalah seorang anak tidak epispde dari seorang bangsawan dengan Heon Keum, gisaeng musisi yang terkenal. Sinopsis Rooftop Prince Episode 19 – Ending. Related Items Hwang Jin Yi. T wants G to hand over everything that belongs to TY the company and stuff and disappear quietly in front of me.

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She says how available wedding halls are hard to get cuz of all the reservations. Jalz Ae Wednesday, May 23, Other guys drive up and G tells them to hurry and take S to the hospital. I take park Ha as my wife. H cries and asks aloud: Do I think it was sweet?


SINOPSIS Rooftop Prince Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

G says her joking is going too far. Taking away my talisman. My Girlfriend is Gumiho Final. I can live well earning my own living without your help. Everything about it was perfect, from her last-minute phone call to G, eposode the hand-squeezing lngkap the hospital, to the tearful hugging in the hospital lobby.

He picks her up and swings her around. Injoo — the one I looked for. It was very satisfying to see everything come full circle, but now I feel almost empty despite feeling so full which I guess is natural after all that crying.