She gets all princessy, but takes his help. Mom chides her son for putting that girl on a pedestal, and Professor Dad mentions he is going to the memorial day ceremony for his old school friend. They arrive just as she stomps out, sketchbook in hand. And now we see some tension between them. About Me Janedinin View my complete profile. We had the opportunity to explore the process behind this incredible mural which took place in our …. She leaves him there and enters the campus, only to get stopped by Gargamel, one of the stern professors.

Notify me of new comments via email. She then asks him, did you transfer out to the sticks because you got in trouble in a school in Seoul? Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest. In music class, the students are tested on the piano, and the music teacher gives Joon-sang a week to show some proficiency. She laughs at him and tells him he needs friends, jumping up on a nearby log. Joon-sang stares out the window as she plays a few chords. Jin-sook is worried about the next piano test, and her fortune-telling loverboy loses no time in telling her the Fates predict another dismal grade. Sami Wakim December 5,

A phone call interrupts them, and Hee-jin gleefully scampers off. He snipes that he took study notes for her too. Drama korea a coffee to go indoxxi download, drama korea a coffee to go indoxxi companion, drama korea a coffee to go indoxxi movie, drama k She catches him staring at her from the door, and quickly ducks from embarrassment.

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She ends up falling asleep on the bus, but he taps the glass just as the bus pulls away.

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea

Sami Wakim November 22, Outside the police kadorana, she asks about his parents, but, instead of responding, he asks his previous question: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Once she is on top, he pops over the wall with little effort and offers to help her down on the other side. Princess is all kadoramw the cheery aegyo, and Yoo-jin looks at him speculatively. Their relationship is cordial if not exactly warm.

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Rooftop Prince Episode 14 via kadorama-recaps. In the school library, Joon-sang is looking through yearbooks until he pulls the one out and starts looking at the photos, until he finds a match to a rather battered photo of a couple. He steps into the control room like nothing happen, flipping through a sketchbook of still lifes.

She pushes him to choose just as Sang-hyuk walks into the hallway, and Joon-sang tells her to sign him up for whatever club the President is in. Epissode leaves her, but she tosses him medicine for his scratches and gets the last word in. Awwww, does this bring back memories!

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He is enjoying her company as she hops onto his shadow. Joon-sang is sitting in the back of the classroom when the professor asks isnopsis to solve the equation on the chalkboard. She then asks him, did you transfer epjsode to the sticks because you got in trouble in a school in Seoul? His stencil and non stencil based work has given him great publicity, reviews and acclaim. Shark Episode 8 via kadorama-recaps.


Ooh, so he believes the professor is his biological dad. It seems a little early to already have a birth secret revealed, but the final shot of the photograph, showing two different men, implies that there is more to the story than we have been given.

Sami Wakim September 12, Just then, Professor Dad shows up for the memorial service, and Joon-sang quickly averts his head and leaves, ending up on a park bench touching the damaged picture of his mom and the Professor Dad. Sinopsis Korean Drama Dewasa T And jogs off before she can think of a snappy comeback.

The tardy teacher is manning the gate, so Yoo-jin grabs Joon-sang and leads him to a wall, when she enlists his help in climbing over.

Sami Wakim November 13, Excerpts, links, and screencaps may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Shukmeister and Musings of a Twisted Mind with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Spoiler Dong Yi – 5 via kadorama-recaps.

Shukmeister September 11, at She is a concert pianist, just stopping home for a short time before headlining in concerts in Japan. Drama korea a coffee to go subtitle indonesia beauty, drama korea a coffee to go subtitle indonesia kingsman, drama korea a coffee to go sub Thanks for the comment.

Foto-foto Song Joong Ki Dan via kadorama-recaps. That gets a collar-grab, but Joon-sang just growls a question: As the president of the class, Sang-hyuk asks him what afterschool club he wants to join, but Joon-sang just leaves the classroom.

At the school, she runs for the front gates, while he stops for a leisurely cigarette.

She decides to take it. He is amused while removes her shoes and uses his back as a step stool.