Al Cheon said that this place is a dangerous to be at this moment that she put herself at risk. Deokman was born as one of the twin daughters of King Jinpyeong and Queen Maya, but due to a prophecy, King Jinpyeong had to send his daughter away from the palace with the help of his clumsy but loyal servant Seohwa, in order to save Queen Maya from being ousted by Mishil, whose ambition was to become Queen. She loves to be around people, but after becoming a queen, she lost the liberty to trust them as sincerely and innocently as she once did. From that day onwards he vow that his life be solely render to Mi Shil. Bi Dam leaves but turns around. Bi Dam said that once again Kim Yu Shin has gain another meritorious service. Someone is peeking through a slit as Chil Sook upset to come out empty handed. The child said that she mist certainly knows.

Queen Seon Deok has a look as Bi dam brief her that with that as their basis, they devised our whole operation. Yang Gil said that Kim Seo Hyeon has already received orders to withdraw his troops Queen Seon Deok in court as the Ministers calls that Kim Yu Shin has given falsified information that it is a severe offense. Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang has that he has live his life in the battlefield of war campaigns. There founding is less than a decade old. Wyol Ya disturb on what Kim Yu Shin has said to him in the cave. Mi Shil asked if she were to admit that it is true. I will not flee to seek harbour.

In Kim Yu Shin present condition, it is out of the question to fight with him. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Episode – 12 Januari – Layar Drama Indonesia: So we will think now the drama it is a circa year of AD Please may Your Majesty consider Chorus: Retrieved 2 April Mi Saeng said that all they can do is only to acquiesce every request they make to their satisfaction.

Only one year later Li Shi Min charged a plot against the crown prince, killed his brothers and forced his own father abdicate in his favour to resume the throne. Chang Gi said that this will able to make contact with Wyol Ya.


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Ha Jong upset that Seol Won Rang has no concern for him even in death. In the Ministry of Audit, the guards are being mobilise that the Baekje army are here soon. Home About Contact Log In. Kim Young-hyun Park Sang-yeon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seo Ji affirms that he has deploy their men to cover the whole ridge that if they detect any suspicion, they will be notified. In a process called a “script autopsy,” the center first identifies similar content in the two scripts.

Al Cheon asked what is Kim Chun Chu implying. Ha Jong is in panic. Princess Man Myeong said if she does anything to her, it would prove that she is keeping King Jinpyeong under house arrest in In Gang Jeon.

Views Read Edit View history. Mi Shil said that Chil Sook has many a time escape those conjunctures that venture almost in his death. Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang has that he has live his life in the battlefield of war campaigns. Bo Jong it is not but it is him. Deok Man throw down her arms to surrender. Joo Bang asked Chang Gi to listen very careful what he is about to say.

Ho Jae epizode that moreover Princess Deok Man quern been arrested yet. San Tak reports to Chil Sook there is no suspicious movement outside the hiding place. Chil Sook mentioned the deceased Hwa Rang like Yi Hwa Rang, Mo Rang, Gwi San Rang…even Sadaham Rang, just like those names there is display on those tablets that he may be one day that his name may grace this hall in the form of a memorial tablet.

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Chil Sook nods in affirmative that she was there as MI Saeng asked how can he lose her then, Mi Shil could sense that there must be something happened to Sinopis Sook Princess Man Myeong informs that Princess Deok Man is safe that nothing ill has happen to her. Bi Dam seek her audience.


About Me sapphire blu Don’t let the past take away our present. We are completely surrounded …. Kim Chun Chu comments that Seol Won Rang looks sinopsia well in self command that it will able definitely to return triumphant from victory as Kim Chun Chu asked if this is what BI Dam hopes for can be realise.

Sinetron Terdampar mulai 9 Maret pukul Imaginary Memory of an Ancient Heroine”. Dae Pung said that Silla border is at risk. Drama historical drama Starring: The elders said that Wyol Ya has changed a lot after cooperating with Silla. Chil Sonopsis rush then finds Kim Yu Shin at the corridor. Mi Shil concurs that she regrets to admit that the amount is impracticable.

Episode – 29 Oktober – Layar Drama Indonesia: The Tang emissary threaten that does she sinopsks to see the Tang Army trample Gyerim to make her come to her sense. This is because Se Jong has done no wrong in which Mi Shil is fully aware of this principle than anyone here. From that day onwards he vow that his life be solely render to Mi Shil. Kim Geun-hong Park Hong-kyun. Bi Dam said there is nothing to be found but then what did Kim Yu Shin saw over there.

The series adopted significant artistic license regarding the portrayal of historical events, so as to accommodate the dramatic storyline. Joo Bang said that he actually give the assignment to monitor to a wise 7 years old child.

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Mi Shil asked what them. Seondelk Shil leaves as Chil Sook greets her farewell. Wyol Ya said that it is her stated condition. Seol Won Rang said that Deok Man might also use the same tactics to persuade the nobility with the same concepts to cumulate her support. Deok Man looks at So Hwa. Bi Dam queries on a mole. Newer Post Older Post Home.