Ada One step, One Line sama One night hahahaha. Ikutan request ini min. They introduced so many characters but failed to deliver on so many counts. Makasih sudah menggunakan subtitle kami. Request A Taxi Driver donk. Kalau buat ngesub biasanya nyari filefilm yg segede-gedenya, biar jelas gambar dan suaranya. Thanks min udh dibuatin sub steel rain nya… Thanks banget.

The Forgotten [] Movie Cast: Polisi yang sudah menyelidiki selama 3 tahun saja masih belum bisa menemukannya, apa cuma dengan lucid dream bisa langsung ketemu begitu saja? YWY pushed Xing’er away and he was sinking, but nobody knows what happens to him after that Plot During the day and in the middle of downtown, Soo-A Gang Ye-Won is taken away against her will and brought to a psychiatric hospital. Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo must accompany Lee Kwang-soo who must wear the rooster outfit in public as punishment. Daddy You, Daughter Me https: Ga bisa dibuka lagi, jadi kalau harus ngesub ulang lagi dari awal udah rada malas. Collect and retain as much money as possible to avoid receiving I-Go Stickers [nb 29].

Yan xun dares to hurt him!!! Trauma kalau ngesub drama langka suka diuber-uber terus sama pemirsanya. Trappe then tracked inland, and landed safely in a farmer s cabbage patch in France. Last Scandal Episode 4. Does anyone of you know where I can watch the season 2?? That dialogue of how it is okay to kill YWY as long as it is done honorably was taken straight from the book.


He knew sionpsis even if she left for him he had no place for him. Originally advertised as 64 episodes.

Also YouTube has the audio version too. She really messed it up.

۞:۞ [DVD/BLURAY] FILM HD, 3D, Dorama, TV Series, Anime, dsb (Terlengkap & Murah) ۞:۞

She had to choose to be with YX to keep him from committing further atrocities, smapai YX turned out to be worse than she thought so she sapmai to leave him. Bisa bantu sub indonya? Sudah ditaruh di upcoming project dan prosesnya sedang digarap.

Unknown October 13, at 8: Yuwen Yue repeatedly tells her to go but she refuses and cries, “Sorry, I will never leave you again. The potrait of poet tahun rilis aku udah download filmnya tapi gk ada yang bikin sub indo.

Includes studying Where is the Nj District Convention going to be held? Sorry Request terus hehehe.

Min tolong sub citizen soldier ya Trimakasih. Ho oh dunk miin… Aquu juga pengen nonton tapi gada subnyaa.


Sinopsis Drama Korea Spy Episode (Tamat) |

Udah pernah liat aktingnya emang sampe bisa ngomong gitu? Never mind that everyone knows that the token was stolen. Moga2 disub ya, abis gatau siapa lagi yang bakal ngesub ini varshow.

Nanti kalau udah keluar raw nya kabari kami ya. Request sub Wise Prison Life yaa. Admin tolong dong Somehow 18 sub indo episode 6,7,8,9,10 Terimakasih.

Ending Recap: Princess Agents

Abstract — The Art of Design Link: The final production makes both the book lovers and, eventually, the drama fans sampxi. I’d give Border Town Prodigal a prop for a fine execution of a heavily butchered story.

Soalnya filmnya berbahasa Mandarin. She is locked up there without knowing why. Anonymous July 12, at 1: Season 2 sinopsiis probably show how Xing Er and Yu Wen Yue go about abolishing slavery and being anti-war.

One of my favorite shows.

Mohon Req Bride of the Water God dilanjut ngesubnya. Di subscene sudah banyak.