Sung Gye tries to uncover the truth after the traitor behind the king’s assassination attempt is captured. All in all, this drama had a lot of issues, but it was enjoyable. Kiara October 15, at 4: Well I guess I can let that slide and rationalize her ‘stupidity’ as losing her mind and just wanting to bring justice to her dead son Maybe it was an old drama. Aware that there is no turning back now, he remarks to the bright-eyed man at his side, JI-SANG Ji Sung that if they fail now, what they have done will be considered treason.

Wait so when there is Gongnim around, there gotta be Choi Young too eh? Too bad he did not feel that sooner. Love Dong Ryun and Young Ji love story. Yi Seong Gye was raised in a Mongol tribe and took his father’s position after he died. Probably the best scene in the entire episode. The show would not have been the same without them.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region. I totally loved this premier and the 2nd ep got better. I see that I am the first to write my thoughts about the final episodes. Gongmin claims that him being a puppet of the empire is due to a lack of power really?

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Kim Tae Hee Supporting Cast. Not really amiable sinopais quite hostile He is an incredibly sexy and good looking man, and a talented actor too. Moo Young does not get easily defeated. Episode 10 Episode She points out the monster as living in the forest, so Dong-ryoon and Young-ji go on the hunt. She had to beat Priestess at her game much earlier and take her place, but that never happened.


But the King obviously let JS go Oh cool a recap for the Great seer. Episode 22 Episode Now would it just be epic if they had Lee Min Ho do a cameo for this drama! When the king’s son goes missing, Ji Sang must find him in order to not be executed.

Episode 5 Episode 5.

DramaTalk: Mini-recap: The Great Seer Episode 7

I’ll probably develop an ulcer. If you watch Tree with Deep Roots, you’ll see that Jung Do Jun had planned to create a new state that was run by ministers, so that even if the king happened to be not king material, the ministers could take care of things.

Lee Seung Yeon Supporting Cast. I might have skimmed through it. It was an enjoyable show for me.

They said the same words: The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Tru2u October 15, at 9: She’s out-acted by her love interest whenever the two are onscreen. Tne who needs sleep anyway? I am glad you mentioned that some of our characters haven’t been conceived yet since I kinda was wondering where the heck the money was hiding out.

I’m okay with the blood. The Aprok River and heavy rain exacerbate the already difficult conditions for Lee Sung Gye and sseer troops during their attack on Myung. In a forest heavy with fog, strange mystical forces seem to be at work epjsode the trees around him grow branches instantaneously and the sky above him grows dark. The good thing about the end was that the dirt bag JG finally died.


Yi is supposed to be a Korean general, so why is he playing furry dress-up in the woods?

The Great Seer

grext I finally found subs for Horse Doctor at Hulu but I’m not really interested in the child actors for some reason. I never thought JG showed any affection to the Priestess He believes in purity of mind and spirit in order to find this spot, and even rejects the ring Sinopsiz tries to give him before he heads off alone. Cha Hyun Woo Supporting Cast.

You took every word out of my mouth, Kiara!

She was never the Queen. They’re good at all the ‘plots’ and ‘action’ and that’s what is keeping this drama going.

Beginning reminds me of Legend, so I hope it is as epic. After breaking through a rock wall at the end of the cave, Dong-ryoon lands in a dreamily-lit valley overseen by a very young and very hhe monk, who promptly chides Dong-ryoon for arriving fifty years too early, and even talks down to him despite his age. Kiara October 15, at 9: