Jo, which sends Tae-yeon into another tailspin. Loved it to the very end. Sorry if that wording confused you – I’ve added clarification. Ivy December 20, at 3: Click here to watch Descendants Of The Sun! We don’t know how Dr. Omg, that’s so awesome. Episode 6 by Helcat.

Drinking the blood of a recently deceased person won’t bring the decease back either. Presumably that means then that Park Hoon had not bitten a human being prior to Tae-Yoon, that he too subsisted on the blood at Club Blood, which is likely since Vamp Bartender hyung knew Park Hoon well. Tae Yeon rejects the life of a vampire and he survives by drinking the blood of dead people and still lives as a righteous prosecutor. Lol calm down people, i got scared reading sajen’s comment too. SWAT leader tries to stop Tae-yeon from leaving, saying he was a suspect too. City Hunter will be shown locally next year, and in our fave channel, too. So, was it ever explained how Soon Bum found out that Tae Yeon was a vampire? But the fighters were so mindless and all so alike

Vampire Prosecutor season 2 subtitle indonesia ~ *Iceprince-Blog*

Instead of a couple episodes which almost seemed to have parallel plots, the writers should’ve maybe had one episode where we and Tae-Yeon sees his sister. Hannah December 19, at 7: Mayb Tae Yeon lil sis has something to do with all this after all. I love the last episode! In the end it maybe that he will have to choose remain a vampire or use the cure to save her as he just has one shot of it.


vampire prosecutor

If it had been so predictable with just Jang being the culprit, that would have been a snooze-fest. Though most of the weekly crime were irrelevant to the Red Eyes villain arc, it was still nice to see little character moments plus the comedy in those episodes.

I sooo cannot wait! Snopsis waiting like crazy for the second season. Episode 4 by Regals.

Authors, artists, owners are credited, where applicable. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. We did confirm that Red Eyes was a prisoner-turned-lab-rat peosecutor made into a vampire, which we pretty much guessedbut from whose blood remains unexplained.

The finale provided some nice last-minute twists, wrapped up the big questions, put our hero through the wringer bringing out a fantastic performance as a result and even brought our team back together, stronger than ever. Thanks for the recaps ladies.

No one, except for Detective Hwang Soon Bum, knows that Tae Yeon was bitten seven years ago and acquired vampire powers. Park Hoon was already a vampire. M enceritakan kisah alien yang melakukan pendaratan di bumi tahun yang lalu atau tepatnya pada periode dinasti Joseon.

Eeek I was really surprised by the ending A tear rolls down his cheek as Tae-yeon comes out of the vision, and Dr. Kakashi December 19, at 7: I will miss you my Vulcan Vampire Prosecutor. I very dissapointed to the writer.



Detective Hwang meets with Tae Yeon as per appointment, and Tae Yeon is using trick to get rid of the tracking.

If it did, wouldn’t they be zombies? Crap crap crap crap.

One more agent downed, one more camera line cut. Your email address will not be published.

Freezes to see Tae-yeon in his home, glaring. Which only goes to prove that a villain doesn’t have to be bloody The second season was way more gory for me than necessary.

Jo as for Jung In Lee Young Ah has said she won’t do a third season I doubt she’s dead but most likely now knows of vampires and that Tae Yeon is one, possibly they even make her one so as to have a real love line in the next season. Although the first season will always be my fav, I think this season did have alot of good points. Last years baddie made a brief appearance last episode, and then nothing I would not mind not having another season since the ending was totally HOT