Hated her from the very first ep, and the hate is still going strong. Tae-yeon disarms the men, then disables their guns, smooth as you please. Also, they should do an episode with a backstory for Soon Bum, like his life before he met Tae Yeon. I did not see that coming. City Hunter will be shown locally next year, and in our fave channel, too. Tae-yeon asks if he has Yeon-ji too, but Red Eyes continues to be vague about it. Sorry if that wording confused you – I’ve added clarification. Not sure what to watch this week?

For the record, while this season wasn’t as slick as the first. Though most of the weekly crime were irrelevant to the Red Eyes villain arc, it was still nice to see little character moments plus the comedy in those episodes. How could she try to find her brother so hard, only to bite him?? South Korea Date aired: As he scrolls through the info, the SWAT team bursts into the PC room where the CD is transmitting and apprehend their quarry… who turns out to be some kid. Like what happened when newly turned Jang escaped the hospital, stumbled across a young girl outside, and turned her. His eyes light up blue and he vamps out as he reels from the pain.

Or there won’t just be an exchange of words. I’m wondering if we lost some important plot points in the seires by only having eleven episodes.

He wears a different scarf for each episode and sports a wicked guy liner that puts hwang tae kyung’s guyliner to shame.

SINOPSIS Vampire Detective Episode 1 – 12 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

She starts to reach for his hand but pulls back. Jo comes back to the car to find Runa missing. I was waiting for it for a long time. Sinopsis Vampire Prosecutor 2 episode After seven years of never attempting to leave the warehouse, Yeon-ji bolted, looking for oppa. Blood did despite being bitten though he was TY’s first, and JI isn’t anyone’s first.


Tae-yeon calls her, from what looks like inside the warehouse. He asks for a favor and Soon-bum gets blood samples from the most recent victims from the coroner, whom he swears to secrecy.

I have a boat, I’ll just pick you up. Vampire Prosecutor 1 episode 8 eng sub. South Korea Date aired: This year, there were huge stretches where Tae-yeon was offscreen, just reacting to stuff.

vampire prosecutor

Just people who pretend they are. Can’t wait for the subs. Bullet lands in his shoulder. Idk, but either way, season 2 is ending soon! What do you think of this plot idea. Vampire Prosecutor 2 Episode 7. Vampire Prosecutor Ep8 Preview I dont own the vid. Thanks so much for the recap. We don’t know how Dr. If he hadn’t, he could have had a longer reunion with his sister. I definitely need a season 2.

I love this vzmpire Oh, and I really really really hope they kill off the Chief Prosecutor cuz she just makes everything harder for our Prosecution Team. Blood—this is the same guy right?

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Sinopsis Vampire Prosecutor episode 9. I refuse to believe she’s dead. I want my Season 3 and I want all of Tae Yeon and his team back, if one is missing, I’m not watching it. I just think that first Season is always the best one because that’s when no one really has any thoughts about what it should be like. As not epidode, less dangerous, not parasitic.


There are two separate lines. I love season 1 ’cause not too much for me to tearing. Mystisith November 18, at Rachel December 1, at 1: Lisa-Loo-Loo November 18, at 9: I could watch this for seasons.

I can’t wait for season two!!

Oof, it hurts to look at him this way. That is what you call a good team. In the recap it is said episose Tae-yoon’s flashback indicated that he was bit by Jang It was action-packed, intense, adorable, and emotional.

If you like watching subbed dramas like most of us do, though, you might want to check out dramacrazy. Blood have gotten vampire blood sinopsiis the first place if he didn’t know one? But Tae-yeon surprises him: As he runs out, we get a flashback to the moments following Dr.

Tae-yeon asks if Jang turned his sister, and gets back an explanation for prosedutor ways of vampire turning: Just one point that confuses me though, if Jang became a vamp because of the blood transfusion, then turned Taeyeon’s sister because she was his first victim, the how did Taeyeon become a vamp too? He tears down the road, which Jung-in sees on her way towards Soon-bum.

I want credit for the idea! That’s why, if I really like a series like this one, I would still watch the upcoming seasons hopefully there is one to have some hope that my tons and tons of questions may get winopsis somewhere in there.