Hanuman 4 episodes, Ram decides the war against Ravan. Mandodari 1 episode, Meanwhile, he comes to know that he has an elder sister called Shanta. Hanuman flies to the house of Sushena. Ravan decides to punish Ram for his deeds. Hanuman is brought to the king by the soldiers. Ram meets Bharat and is depressed on learning about Dasharath’s death.

Ram directs Sugriv to go on a duel with Bali so that he can kill him during that time. Later, Ravan stops Surpanakha from attacking Sita. He then promotes woman rights on Sita’s behalf. She had then cursed him that the cause of his death will be a woman. Sita is worried on hearing Ram’s cries. Hanuman rescues Sugriva from Bali.

He also gives him his ring as mark of his well being to Sita. Sita and urmola sisters give Lakshman the food. Janak builds a golden plow and unearths a baby girl as he begins to plough. Current broadcasts on StarPlus. Hanuman, with his wit and power kills Akshayakumara. Manthara is determined to stop Ram from becoming the king.

After defeating Lakshman, Bharata and Shatrughna as well as Hanuman, the twins are about to battle with their urila but Sita stops them and requests Ram to forgive them. Meanwhile, Hanuman says to the populace of Ayodhya that Ram and Sita live forever in them all and he tears open his chest to show Ram and Sita in his heart.

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In AyodhyaKing Dasharatha conducts the Ashwamedha Yajna for the well-being of his sons and his kingdom. Sita requests her mother to not destroy them and promises her that the day she has completely fulfilled all her duties, she would seek refuge from her and return to her. Ravan remembers the day he tried to force himself upon a chaste woman, Vedavati. Ravan instructs his second son Akshayakumara to attack Hanuman.


This page was last rzm on 23 Februaryat Ram decides the war against Ravan.

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Sushena tells the only option to save Lakshman is Sanjeevani Booti. Ram episodes, Karan Suchak Sita casr an Agni pariksha to prove her chastity.

Rak, Lakshman and the monkey army reach Lanka. From this episode Ashish Sharma plays the role of adult Ramabefore this role of teenage Rama was played by Vedant Sawant. Meanwhile, he comes to know that he has an elder sister called Shanta. Manthara reminds Kaikeyi about Dasharath’s promise to Ashwapati.

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Surpanakha 1 episode, Kaikeyi tells him to crown Bharat ziya king of Ayodhya and send Ram into exile for 14 years. Rumours about Sita’s purity spreads among the populace of Ayodhya. Retrieved 21 November Ravan’s mother Kaikesi tells him that he should marry Sita as she is a powerful women instead of treating her badly.

Sita refuses to return to Ayodhya as it was that society who doubted her character and she cannot return to it as it would be wrong on her part and betray all those other women who have suffered the same plight as her.


Ravan plans troops to attack the monkey army midnight. Vibhishan pleads his brother Ravan to free Urjila and handover her to Ram as she is wife of someone. Ram meets Bharat and is depressed on learning about Dasharath’s death. Kaikeyi is grateful to Janak for reminding her about her love for Ram. Khara attacks Ram with his asuras. Mithila bids farewell to Sita and her sisters.

He is shocked to see the baby lift the Shiv Dhanush. Shurpanakha urges Ram to marry her but he tells her that he is already married.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track urmi,a Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Raavan 6 episodes, Danish Akhtar In the Swayamvara, nobody is able to lift the Shiv Dhanush except Ram.

Soon after Sita ‘s Swayamvar is announced. Retrieved 19 January Hanuman goes to Lanka and meets Sita.