I’m hoping to offer a third way in the coming months. The drums do sing. Oct 25, Since this is a free-floating system, tightening the top head also tightens the bottom head, giving each head exactly the same tension. When I first tried them, they were a bit detuned and a bit dead sounding. Drums are played by Tony Floyd. The shells are percent North American maple with 6-ply tom and ply snare shells and a 6-ply bass drum shell that employs 4-ply reinforcing rings for added strength and that are slightly undersized to fit into their tuning system. Tags for this Thread drums , play , sleishman.

We have grown to be recognized as an institution in the music industry with a great Reputation for offering unbeatable deals and value for money as well as an unparalleled level of Experience, Knowledge, Pro Service and Expert Advice. The way I tune my drums can’t be achieved with these kind of free floating drums. Frankly, the drums sounded killer, even with the second-tier UT heads. He’s been an endorser of those drums for years, and he had me over to his house to talk drum stuff one day. I went there earlier this year to get some edges cut on a bass drum. Can’t say that I’ve heard them but I would prefer to have the option to tune the heads independently. At gigs where my kit was used as part of the backline, I’ve had jazz and rock drummers tell me how much they love the sound especially the bass drum. If you want to hear a Sleishman drum kit recorded well in a jazzy type setting, try looking for Peter Knight’s album All The Gravitation of Silence.

Without hardware screwed into the shell, the drum should vibrate to its fullest and produce more tone than one strapped with embedded metal. Not much, but there are a couple of things you should be made aware of. The sizes I think were 20, 12, 14 and 14 snare. We’re starting to go around in circles here, hence my experimental design.


I have a Sleishman 20″ BD and it is without peer – it is more versatile and sounds better than my 24″ Gretsch custom. I hop any other sleishman owners would share their experiences.

Since this is a free-floating system, tightening the top head also tightens the bottom head, giving each head exactly the same tension.

I was in my local drum shop the other day and saw a set of Sleishman drums, Omega series. Sleishman Pros and cons.

Sleishman Pro Series

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Drums are played by Tony Floyd. Thin shells can’t offer a good level of shell to head contact, so, if you subscribe to the srries that the only important transfer of vibration to the shell is via direct head contact I don’t, btwthe thin shell becomes self defeating to some extent.

Sharp bearing edges for sustain, compound that affect. Oct 23, 5.

Sleishman drums anybody play em hav em ?

The batter and the reso heads must be the same tension. Sleishman Drums, of Sydney, Australia are proving that there are still innovations to be made in the art of drum manufacturing, elevating it to an art form. Jump on the Sleishman website and find a local stockist if you want to have a bash, or look them up on youtube.

I have also had experienced sound guys studio and live comment how much they liked the rich, resonant sound produced by the drums. It was crisp enough for busy playing and sensitive enough to capture my ghost notes. By simply removing the top head and serjes on your Pro Series snare drum you can remove the 10ply maple shell that comes standard with your Sleishman Pro Series and replace it with the bronze shell.

I asked him about his setup on this particular record, and this is what wleishman told me: Oct 27, I think they are a bit pricey, though. They are great drums. The tom shells seem very thin for 6-ply shells about 0.


When I first tried them, they were a bit detuned and a bit dead sounding. Try before you buy, but if you try I’ll bet you buy.

For me they couldn’t have been more helpful. No, create an account now.

Seems like a good idea, right? I think I love to play the drums simply because you get to hit ’em!!! So the only solution is to try Sleishman kits but where? The Omega series is available in two configurations: Stave is possible, but again, almost always with rerings. The bass drum had a nice deep and rich tone that sounded fatter rview I expected. Their revolutionary patented suspension system brings drums to life, as it completely separates their drums from any other suspension system offered today by other drum manufacturers.

All times are GMT Unless you live in Australia, you may oro be familiar with Ssries Drums, but the company has been making drums and pedals for our Down Under brethren for 30 years. This is accomplished by using a suspension ring at the bottom of the drum that connects the top and bottom tensioning systems.

Well, I live more like 10 hours drive away… But I have played a set.

My Experience with Sleishman Drums

And as it turned out the drummer had a set of Sleishmans. I like to touch them before I buy them ;- -TxDrummer My parents just get mad when i crash the ride. Call Us Now 02 Oct 23, 3. Oct 26, I thought they should be the same thickness, or perhaps swapped the other way.

Well thanks for the feedback and sleshman, I actually called their LA Ca. You can contact Mothertone USA at www. This site uses cookies. Thanks for your replies and information: