John Bradford and Glenn Leopold; Teleplay by: Malchior the Magnificent is sick and asks Papa Smurf for help. The Smurfs are threatened by a howlibird and have to find a way to defeat it. Clockwork Smurf’s heart falls out of its compartment while it is fighting Scruple. Peewit sets out but a strange man is determined to tempt him out of rescuing Lucas, and what kind of trouble is he in anyway? The Smurflings turn Papa’s nose into a dog’s nose. The Smurfs solve riddles to defeat the evil Druids. LeRoy Parker; Teleplay by:

The Return II with a photo of Johan next to it. Handy invents karts for the Smurfs and they do a race to determine which kart is the fastest. Johan et Pirlouit provided the framework for the first appearances of The Smurfs. With the help of the Smurfs, Johan and Peewit manage to restore the sources of water but then find that their problems have only just begun, as the ghost’s very distantly-related descendants begin to fight over possession of the land. Brainy makes a potion that makes Papa Smurf lose his patience. Views Read Edit View history.

Hogatha uses magic earrings eoisodes find the Smurf village. Smurfette is unsatisfied with the new dress made by Tailor. Gargamel uses a youth potion to make him young and befriend the smurflings. John Bonaccorsi and Tom Spath; Teleplay by: The smurflings accidentally pull the plug out of the River of Time, rapidly speeding up time. Smurfette finds an imp that helps her, but in return he wants her hand in marriage.


PeyoRichard H. The Smurfs play with Tharp.

The third selectee was chosen due to an unintended motion. Once a year, the Smurfs are supposed to be unhappy. Hogatha kidnaps Smurfette so she can use Smurfette’s hair in a potion to give her beautiful hair to satisfy her new love.

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Scruple removes Brainy’s essence. Forewarned, the Count defeats, humiliates and exposes Basenhau to the King. Chlorhydris destroys all the flowers in the world. It was in Johan et Pirlouiton October 23,that the first smurf appeared.

For some time now a group of brigands have been robbing merchants in the area around the King’s castle, and all attempts to hunt them down have failed. Vanity becomes desperate to see his reflection after losing his mirror epiosdes the south pole. In France and other European countries, their TV cartoon adventures were treated as a separate series from that of the Smurfs, even though the latter feature heavily.

Dreamy makes a birthday wish that he could fly to another planet before blowing out the candles and finds himself on another planet. Handy makes a machine to control the weather. After Gargamel sprays Jokey smuffs Grouchy with giggle glitter, they start to laugh uncontrollably. A storm destroys Johan and Peewit’s ship.


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Peyo and Yvan Delporte ; Peewir by: However, following Peyo’s death, other artists and writers have revived the series with 4 more albums between and Jokey finds an invisibility cloak. Peewit sets out but a strange man is determined to tempt him out of rescuing Lucas, and what kind of trouble is he in anyway?

Mark Seidenberg and Gordon Bressack; Teleplay by: That night the Duke is seized by men whom he denounces as traitors; but the next day Johan and Peewit see him in the streets of the town, cheered by the people and accompanied by the same “traitors”.

Smurfette repeatedly asks Grouchy to join in the preparation for Christmas. Characters List of Scooby-Doo media.

Jokey’s shadow comes to life. The Smurfs hide Smurfette’s birthday presents before her birthday.

Johan and Peewit – Return of the Clockwork Smurf

The Smurfs arrive in Egypt where Hogapatra steals Lazy’s pillow. The first trap catches Johan instead of the ambassador. Smurfette brings a baby dragon to the village and takes care of it.