They should work with any copy that is 1: A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son who was imprisoned after being set up in drug deal. His movies the ones I have seen have been marginal at best in my opinion. Snitch BluRay p. He’s just an average man who is really putting himself in harm’s way for his son. It’s a story of the lengths a father will go to help his son.

But “Snitch” was different. If a movie needs a victim, then the victim should in fact be a victim. Snitch is a searing indictment against the current drug laws and the fact that the draconian principles behind them. Net Snitch – – p NightMovie. This movie marks the departure of Dwayne Johnson from action actor to dramatic actor and the transformation works. But the same as my other Snitch sub. Barry Pepper is good, so is Susan Sarandon.

He showed even with this supporting role he is ready to be a major lead in my opinion.

The sooner they’re repealed the better, but we have to get through to some politicians who parade their law and order credentials by sponsoring such things. Jon Bernthal was the perfect choice for his role. Language Set favourite s Login. But Johns happy life is quickly turned upside, when his teenage son from another marriage is arrested for drug possession, cause a friend set him up.

If a movie needs a victim, then the victim should in fact be a victim. Asal sub ni dari Apiq Ader dan Sarikatabm.

Net Snitch – – p NightMovie. Despite the flaws in the story, this is still a good movie and one that is worth watching.

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The difference is that Mitchum is a petty crook and Johnson’s a stand-up guy. Susan Sarandon played her job as a career politician 2cs the absolute limit. Soon enough its one of the biggest fishes out there, a veritable whale in Mexican cartel leader Benjamin Bratt. If you want to see the story of how far parents will go for their children see this movie. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop his father, played by Johnson, from coming to his son’s assistance, albeit as unbelievable as it, and the entire movie hinges on the audience having to believe that the son is a victim, which he is not.


I have never been much of enlgish fan of The Rock. Snitch – Ein riskanter Deal. Now he offers the use of his trucks to be drug couriers. Susan Sarandon and Barry Pepper also provide excellent performances as an ambitious DA and an undercover vice police officer respectively.

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His movies the ones I have seen have been marginal at best in my opinion. Finally, hopefully, a proper English version – done manually by myself. There are also elements of the Robert Mitchum classic The Friends Of Eddie Coyle where Mitchum gets caught in the switches between the law and his criminal pals and is forced into the role of informer. He volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate a drug cartel in hopes that it will get his son out of prison, with the help of U.

But also Dwayne Johnson creates a real character not a superhero.

But the same as my other Snitch sub. Removed italics and hyphens 2 vocals on 1 time line. Snitch Bluray p.

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It’s premise is implausible. They should work with any copy that is 1: Snitch BluRay p. Home Action Snitch Subtitles for Snitch. Fix OCR, italics, overlapping, etc Dwayne Johnson better known has The Rock, was thought of to be like another Arnold Schwarzenegger, a muscle bound action hero who acts tough and shouts out funny one liners. Michael Kenneth Williams will forever be known as “Omar” and is typecast but does a good turn as a drug dealer.

Dwayne Johnson gives a great performance, like he did in Gridiron Gang. Though it features one of Dwayne Johnson’s more thoughtful performances, the presentation of Snitch’s underlying message is muddled by lackluster storytelling and some tonal inconsistencies. Pliss vote enblish kritik dan sarannya. As we see in this film it forces those ensnared to become police informants snich friends to get themselves out of a jackpot.


This is a film both entertaining and 2d and a real triumph for Dwayne Johnson. He’s just an average man who is really putting subttiles in harm’s way for his son. You won’t think of him as The Rock, but Dwayne Johnson the actor.

The Rock — he’s credited as Dwayne Johnson I guess so viewers take the movie seriously — is very believable and does himself proud with some consistent good acting. Match utk Bluray p.

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I’m going to be somewhat vague about the plot to not give away anything. I expected a movie like the terrible “Last Stand” starring Ah-nold Schwarzenegger. My wife and I decided we wanted to go see a movie, both of us enjoy action movies and both of us enjoy Dwayne Johnson as an actor. Neither of use really thought it was going to be anything but a bunch of explosions, gun fights, and ass-whippings. ActionDramaThriller Countries: I don’t want to give away any spoilers but he goes very far.

I expected fabricated car chases and shootouts where the bad guys must be shooting blanks because they are unable to shoot the good guy even when they have a clear shot. But for a guy who was ushered into the field of acting to capitalize on his popularity and not to win Academy Awards, he has come a long way from The Scorpion King. Susan Sarandon will chill you no end as the ambitious US Attorney who knows these laws are foul, but will use them for her own purposes.

The main character’s son is busted on drug charges and he is in fact guilty, which makes him a far less sympathetic character. Attorney Susan Sarandon and a D.

The problem with the movie is the story.