Recettear is packed with charm, from the dialogue to the characters and their attitudes to the game design itself. Stay in school kids. Show off your cracker-pulling prowess with this worthy prize. The perfect headgear for revving up your invisible scooter while shouting gibberish at the top of your lungs. Flexed, Paintable, 2 LoDs Click to vote for other items from this set! This is a man who understands casual gameplay and produces some of the best examples out there.

Accurate fancyness lucarioaaron-modeling, texturing, rigging, jigglebone, concept Handsome mug-sfm posters, backpack icon http: Careful avoidance is a big part of the game, because apart from the baddies, everything from water to spiderwebs to unusually thorny flora can consume your meager though expandable health reserves. Just keep an eye on your battery’s health, since if that’s destroyed, you lose. If you find yourself being boiled alive by your brand new action figure, however, don’t call the police. Games listed may not be available outside of North America. Heavy Hitters – Nuts Style.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Four hours is an average completion time, give or take hlrror bit. Republicans from the House of Representatives held a rally to discuss legislative accomplishments in the month of June. Aqualux has a lot of polish and it is fun to play. Interaction is simple; you control Victor, you point, and you click on objects and people to interact.

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Unfortunately you cannot tickle-punch people to make them burst into laughter, but you’ll be tickled pink with how festively sexy you look. A shooting gallery is also available, pitting your cursor against a handful of pop-up bad guys to see how many you can take down before time runs out. It also ends rather abruptly, leaving a lot of plot points unanswered, or even mentioned; The result is a very atmospheric and solid little title that could have been a lot better than it is, but is still pretty good despite everything.

Let a spawn of Satan into your brainspace, and share the gift that keeps on giving: Nation of Reincars Windows, 4MB, free – A game about death, reincarnation, and probably a lot more death afterwards.


You can even string combos together for extra points, and the occasional power-up elvel a nice destructive flair to the experience. If you get stuck, during normal exploration clicking on “tips” in the lower right corner will briefly mark every place on screen you can interact with.

Nasty enemies inhabit every corner of the city, but you’re armed with torches and tonics! Get the cannon they said, fraggfr I took the cannon sorry about the animation its my first try To download this weapon as a mod, click here [tf2mods. If you experienced issues before playing Ka-Bloom, you might want to give this little gem another try!

Created by Vyvyan Basterd. It is only visible to you. Created by Rafael De Jongh. There’s no shortage of cool stuff to find, and you can filter levels by rating and difficulty to find something suitable for your mood.

October 19, House Vote Hold on, you did say you wanted a powerful revolver right?

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To maximize your score, try to capture the shooting stars that randomly float through the level, and complete the board as quickly as possible for a time bonus. The utterly charming animation of the Ninja cannot be captured in a screengrab. Created by Nergal the Ashurian. At any other time, I would advise you to crawl under your desk, make peace with whatever deities you have, and call that person from high school and tell them how cute you thought they really were but never had the nerve to say.

It’s also surprisingly dark. The true crown of any true grinder!!! Looking for a little more action to add to your figure?

Whereas the first Nightfall Mysteries had a gradual difficulty curve I really enjoyed, nothing about this one is particularly hard. As such, Pipol Smasher’s first handful of levels feel like a de-cutesified retread of familiar territory. Automatic spawning means the only thing you need to worry about is when to attack, when to retreat and when to cast spells. Your reach is laughably short at the beginning of the game, but collecting coins throughout the stages will allow you to horor upgrades at the store.


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Version 2 is out! Fortunately, it was worth it, since The Dream Machine is absolutely gorgeous and a real joy to play. Festive Wrapped War Paint. What is possibly the game’s only downside is length. You can only incarnate as each animal once, so a lot of trial and error will be in order. Remember, junk food bad!

We’re taking HUDs to the next level.

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Those who have played in the Dismantlement sandbox before will find Dismantlement: And for those of you wary of another untranslated or badly translated Japanese game, Rfagger happy to report that the Ninja’s English translation is easy to understand, with the slight irregularities only adding to the quirky feel.

Your job is to bring that counter down to zero. I’m just here for the gasoline Looks great with a beard.

But after the first few stages—especially if you choose “Hard” or “Epic” mode—you’ll be in for quite a challenge. Oh, and there’s all these saw blades and spikes that should probably be avoided.

Well, surprisingly a lot! Pay tribute to the most critically acclaimed, most easily mass producable Halloween candy with this candy corn themed war paint! Because of this “rock-paper-scissors” combat mechanic, players will benefit from equipping different units between battles, depending on the enemy’s army and strategy. The coolest coal cannon out there!