You are very clear with the characteristics of your challengers. We challenge to ensure sincere solidarity. Hope it’ll cure you too! Certainly, a democratic society is owned by its citizens. The eight mechanisms which are a result of our rationale consideration shall serve as a foundation in order to realize our common dream. He will never feel bored or exhausted. Prime Minister shall not be allowed to establish his own bodyguard unit; 3.

It is a bumpy and dangerous path. On this occasion, I have two questions for all the congress members. Therefore, we are of the opinion that success is crucial, and so is a starting point. Avoid growing a mango tree on a plate made of steel with no point from which it could start; or growing a beatle nut tree but expecting palm fruits. A starting point is an essential component of success. Hope it’ll cure you too! Kimseng Nai added it Feb 07, No one refuses that the all supporting cells of up-to-now growth and development of our political movement are not concreted to your involvement?

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This characteristic refers to a model. No one is hold responsible for our success or failure of this movement. In our political movement, what is the success of individual and that of all of us and how are the twos linked? As long as the knowledge is concerned, Dharma, the valuable teaching of the Buddha, can be used as a critical thinking base by people. We also need to water it.

So far, we have unveiled three main challenges as follows: Have you succeeded in doing your work? It is my day-to-day routine and increasing people benefit from my work.

It can be interpreted here that if we cannot realize our success but we are doing the right things, there would be no failure in our work.


Avoid growing a mango tree on a plate made of steel with no point from which it could start; or growing a beatle nut tree but expecting palm fruits. What is fertilizer then? For example, people have been told that in order to eliminate corruption within the judicial system, it shall start with citizens refraining from bribery.

Unofficial Translation Check against delivery Where can these people be chosen? We have to visualize the common dream which is our goal. Generally, when we move along the path to reach our destination, we inevitably encounter numerous challenges both subtle and enormous. Quality of heart and head are desperately needed for our core movement There is an issue with which we must be certain.

I have another example to share. The answer is it youty impossible. This participation requires morality of the participants. We are the underlying cause to the accomplishment of our goal. Learning for Success https: Thanks for watching and subscribe for daily videos. Mach Dara marked it as to-read May 17, If you want to enjoy mango fruits, absolutely you have to grow mango seed.

Although we are in such a plight, we work for our nation as debatte owners while dominant people commit eebate responsibilities for such a case.

Chan Visal marked it as to-read Dec 27, This point of view is as completely impractical as growing a plant on a plate made of steel. Hope it’ll cure you too! The best party songs for a party of two. We all never tolerate such crimes. Sok Chea added it Aug 28, Leng rated it really liked it Jan 18, Sarakyuth marked it as to-read Debage 21, Sun Puthea marked it as to-read May 25, It is a bumpy and dangerous path. Che Cheang added it Aug 30, Has your work in this movement been successful?


Refresh and try again. After all, no matter how hard your work may be, and how big your challenges may be, you will get the debqte accomplished with satisfaction and appreciation. Please Subscribe if it make for you fun!!

In this regard, I succeed in my work. So what are the real and perceived obstacles lying along the path towards the reachable destination that is firmly targeted by our party pioneers?

Dec 03, Veasna Kheng rated it it was amazing.

Livvary marked it as to-read Mar 20, What kind of human resources will be the representatives of our will? Vibol Chheng rated it it was amazing Nov 10, To reflect your confidence, you must feel thr values: This is a broad interpretation of success defined by LDP and it is totally different from those expected by other political parties.

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It is my responsibility. Nomination of police and military generals shall be validated by the National Assembly; 6.

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You grasp the hearts of your challengers and explicitly compare your hearts with those of the sorb. Sorn Dara talk show about Mr. Vuthy Style marked it as to-read Jan 30,