At the end of each review, the critics give their ratings. Founder Korey Coleman posted on his Facebook page that he cannot share details regarding the shutdown but that he has mostly made peace with “past events” and “everything is fine”. The site has a little over 1, YouTube subscribers, 1, Facebook likes, and 2, Twitter followers. The thing about me and Harris is that I absolutely think Harris is one of the best people I’ve met in my fucking life Jason stepped back from it to focus on other endeavors, but he still returns every once in awhile. Film websites Film review websites Video game review websites Internet properties established in Internet properties disestablished in

MIVA owned the website, handling the marketing, design and logistics of the site, leaving Korey and the other members of Spill. At the end of the Tuesday podcast Cyrus gives an overview of the week’s home releases. Retrieved from ” https: You are given a fair warning at the very beginning, where you see one of the fucking err Reviews usually included two or more of the critics, though some included Korey on his own. Salisbury is a piece of shit, on the other hand. However, in recent reviews his rating is listed, but the newer reviews do not have pictures of the critic above the rating.

I will give the movie credit though: Their video reviews have become private on both of their YouTube channels, but a selection of their most recent ones can still be viewed under Hollywood. The crew finds these films excellent, but not necessarily flawless.

Funny or Die Video 24cfebaf2e: Disaster Movie Movie Review from Spill.com

Well, I had to do some American Pie math here. Inappropriate Comedy was deemed to be even worse than a Fuck You!


The hosts struggled for the first few weeks to solidify a format and title, eventually landing on “Let’s Play This”. The show began in a monthly format, but due to fan enthusiasm and the numerous films covered in any given episode it was later expanded to be weekly.

The purpose apillcom the show is to “talk bullshit,” and it is defined by a stream of consciousness style. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

The show is uploaded every Thursday. With the exception of Korey Coleman, they used aliases on the site due to legal issues.

The podcast is a spinoff of A Couple of Cold Ones. The Spill Crew usually withholds this rating, only awarding it to a movie that they find flawless or exceptionally outstanding. The show featured a cast of rotating members discussing and reviewing movies, along with other topics.

The recording of the audio portion of the show is sometimes posted later in the week as its own podcast so even those who missed the live show can listen to it. On specific days disazter are various deviations to the podcast’s formula. Wow, you really embrace it. Their final review was for the Disney film Saving Mr. Revenge of the FallenValentine’s DayTwilight: The films are screened for the audience, typically at the Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Austin.

Their shtick was that they were geeks who review films for geeks and, you know, they were animated!

Some of the fired crew members have gone on to continue posting content on sites like Rage Select and One Of Us. To date, Co-Host does not have a rating card due to the current redesign the site and characters are undergoing. When those keywords appear somewhere on the site typically in one of the comment sectionsfans can write in and win a copy of a recently reviewed film. You are given a fair warning at the very beginning, where you see one of the fucking err At the end of each review, the critics give their ratings.


The show has no set release dates, and it typically runs an hour to an hour and a half, but its length varies significantly.

At the end of December Korey and Leon, now using his real name Martin Thomas, began uploading podcasts on SoundCloud while developing their new website. Spill and the Reel Geezers”. About an hour after the site was taken down, Coleman sent out a tweet saying that he was going to find out what was going on. That-that is ballsy for a movie to look you in the eyes and tell you “Embrace the suck”! The site went through major changes on May 23, as a result of their parent company – hollywood.

Which he would do from that point on.

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And I’ve never prepared for an episode since! The convention also features panels, both featuring guests and the Spill crew. A recurring live podcast in which Korey takes calls from members of the community and answers their questions.

Notably, Spill’s review of Vampires Suck consists entirely of Korey saying, “Fuck you” and displaying the accompanying rating. Spill Dot Con is the annual spill convention that began ina weekend long event that takes place over many venues with activities that range from live music acts in rapper Del the Funky Homosapien performedto live art shows.