Was this review helpful to you? When the show begins, two Hirogens are hunting that Preying Mantis- like creature that scared the crap out of the Borg a few episodes ago. Commander Chakotay Roxann Dawson Sign up using Facebook. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Species considered humanoid genetics to be impure and felt deeply threatened by the violent tendencies of many humanoid cultures. Part I episode, we see a Species bioship attacking several Borg cubes. How can Species be any threat to Borg?

I’m Admiral Bullock, and I’ll be your commanding officer for the next six months. Email Required, but never shown. This is the inevitable encounter with our old friends, the Borg. Add the first question. Species is a fictional extraterrestrial race in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Janeway agreed to share her nanoprobe weapons technology with them, in exchange for some of their own technology and a promise to drop their infiltration plans and return to fluidic space.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Captain Kathryn Janeway Robert Beltran When Tuvok and Chakotay beam down to investigate, they find a copy of Starfleet!

I’m Admiral Bullock, and I’ll be your commanding officer for the next six months. Share this Rating Title: Part 2 “, season 4 episode 16 ” Prey “, and season 5 episode 4 ” In the Flesh “. Add the first question.


No no, don’t read that part, only the dialogue. Connections References Star Trek: Full Cast and Crew. A sophisticated lifeform native to a realm of fluidic space a dimension apart from our universe, known only by its Borg designation because its self-ascribed name is unknown.

Species 8472

In return for Janeway’s help, the Borg allow Voyager safe passage through their space for the duration of their cooperative efforts. Basically I’m saying is that 2 distinct advantages species had over the Borg? We are the Borg. Prey 18 Feb 8.

“Star Trek: Voyager” Scorpion (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Share this Rating Title: Search for ” Prey ” on Amazon. I liked scorpion, good episode.

This is the inevitable encounter with wpecies old friends, the Borg. Basically, any species that cannot be assimilated or adapted by the borg can conquer or destroy the borg.

“Star Trek: Voyager” In the Flesh (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Start With a Classic Cult. Seen List Shows, Episodes. It looks awfully exact and they plan to go back to Voyager to tell the Captain. This, while rare, is not an isolated case; when two Borg drones attempt to assimilate Phlox in Enterprise episode Regeneration his advanced immune system is capable of fighting off the Borg nanoprobes. The actor Tony Todd stars as a surly and menacing Hirogen hunter in this episode. The sum of what we don’t know Scorpion 21 May 8. Was this review helpful to you?


To her advantage is the fact that the Borg themselves are facing an enemy that could annihilate them. Watch now on “UnMade”.

The Doctor Tim Russ The multiplayer soecies Star Trek Online gives their proper name as Undine. This is a very fascinating episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Taking Voyager ‘s alliance with the Eoisode in as evidence that Alpha Quadrant powers were planning a devastating attack into fluidic space, Species sought to infiltrate Starfleet in order gather detailed intelligence and monitor military installations.

The crew of Voyager discover a simulation of Starfleet Headquarters being run by Species