This week we have a very special interview: I know, this sounds a little heady and boring and you’re right. Episode 62 – The Big Crumpet. Chris and Bob were great to talk to and if you stay until the end, there’s a special surprise for regulars. Wed, 7 June Live from Brooklyn 4 Support this podcast on Patreon and get exclusive and early content! The story of a brave man with a little face.

How much time for professional development, learning new software, reading the newest animation books, conventions, etc? Ringo is the third studio album by Ringo Starr, released in on Apple Records. We also field a question at the end about whether a listener should go into Freelance, move to a different city for a salary job or both. Sonic Boom 3ds in 6 min. Share your comments, stories and suggestions in the comments section below and we’ll read the best ones on next weeks’ episode! Stephen starts the show by giving a mini-review on the British re-dub of the Argentinian animated film “Metagol” which in the UK is called “Unbeatables” , Rob tells a story about having poop on his shoe and Pat breaks some news.

Gym of the Romantic Journey 5: The Return Of Nazo: Slow Wave from andy kennedy on Vimeo.

Flash Harry (album)

Create unstoppable troops and combine your skills! You looked away and he ran off!

Do you think that it could make a successful comeback, with both Brad Bird and Laika’s Travis Knight mentioning that their interested in doing 2D features, and now the Dragon’s Lair campaign? This is a logic game. Member feedback about Harry Nilsson discography: This week there are some heavy topics and some fun, surface-level ones but we weave them together into a chat like only we can. Return of the Caped Crusaders”. Episode – Triple Digits.


RubberOnion Animation Podcast

But if you want to know a little more, there are a few things I want to bring up. Enjoy this show, you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon Also, 4-Loco is evil. Sonic Boom 3ds in 6 min.

Can he save earth from the Negaverse in just 3 days? Adventures of Jhin Jungle!

Web Animation Watch: ‘Shooting Star’, ‘Captain 3d’ ‘Pharaoh’ and More

Tim Rauch talks about his new Indie film Kickstarter “Mushroom Park,” his career as an animator and director, and more! Make a new friend.

Mon, 4 April Segment – Creator Spotlight: Be careful, they know your every move. The most important point: This is a Post Tankmen world.

Flooby Nooby: January

Was Krang really necessary? Hey, are you up?

And which franchise do each of you guys want to work on, if you had the chance? Member feedback about The Flash TV series: 2. have so many trailers to talk about this week! He was very open about it and it led into very interesting discussion about fanart vs parody which we touched on beforethe technical aspects of creating CGI Pixel Animation, working in the video game industry and the state of western Canadian animation work.


They’re coming back by way of Patreon! starbarianz

We asked you to pick out your favorite moments from The Rubber Onion animation podcast in the entire calendar year of episodf It’s a jam packed episode and over the next few days you’ll see the movie review and both creator spotlight interviews be posted on their own as well. Are their sites you go to and bid on jobs?

Help him complete his mission!

Member feedback about The Easybeats: Flash Gordon peisode topic Flash Gordon is a science fantasy film based on the King Features comic strip of the same name created by Alex Raymond. I’ve seen some as short as 40 seconds and some in excess of 6 minutes although usually for programs, like Houdini, not for individuals ” Check out more of your hosts: