I have edited my post, and no 2 movies are the same, they are either altered in quality or type, ie pulfrich, anaglyph sbs etc etc. The Dark Country 3D. Originally Posted by Grim Reaper I currently have 36 3d movies. I have a 3d dragonslayer laserdisk! The Best of Abu Dhabi Hote. Send a private message to Grim Reaper. The nature of Dzhubga and Tenginka

Visit Grim Reaper’s homepage! Originally Posted by FreyTheater3D. User Name Remember Me? The fact theres so many or that theres really alot of kinda strange titles ive not really seen anywhere before Last edited by brian; at But I have over 3d movies I think my alltime fav 3d so far is tin-tin strangely enough, its a must see 3d flick, as far as lesser known ones go then you might want to check out.

Sorry for the confusion I have Genuine 3d Bluray movies, I just counted them! Originally Posted by Gagobaa Ive Been collecting 3d movies for 15 years, I have japanese VCD’s and a huge collection of VHS and Betamax in anaglyph and field sequential, I even have some movies which are so rare I havent dp able to find a player for them after searching for 10years Treasure Houses of Britain S01E01. Last stwp by Gagobaa; at Taza Son Of Cochise dvd.


Is this not what this post is about Sep Home Theater Gallery: Life of Pi I just counted, and I am now up to 58 BD-3D titles. The French Line Find More Posts by brian The Last Airbender 3D.

My first was actually Drive Angry that i didn’t buy for the 3D, it was just a cheap movie and had the 3D version with it which was a bonus since i didn’t have my 3D plasma back then. Treasure of the Four Crowns SbS Well im just curious what the first clue was that that list of 3d movies was illegal downloads. The Best of Abu Dhabi Hote. Titeuf – le film Anaglyph French. Last edited by WMAangel; at Find More Posts by MovieFanatic Find More Posts by mseeley.

Toy Story 3 3DBD. Treasure Houses of Britain S01E02. I’m a bit shocked at the rate at which i’m aquiring movies and steelbooks. I have a 3d dragonslayer laserdisk! Not adverts, either shorts or full movies The Mortician Der Sezierer Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D.

Stdp, TX Blu-ray collection: The Chronicles of Narnia: Find More Posts by jjp United Kingdom Blu-ray collection: No one here cares how many illegal downloads you have Jun Blu-ray collection: The Shock Labyrinth English Subbed field sequential. Send a private message to Gagobaa.



The time now is Send a private message to Grim Reaper. The Final Destination 4 3-D field sequential. I currently have 36 3d movies. There are more, but my setp is a little old now and I cant be bothered updating it. Treasure Houses of Britain S01E03.

Last edited by Grim Reaper; at Toy Story 3D Bluray. Originally Posted by Gagobaa. Find More Posts by Gagobaa.

D Torrent Download –

Tatra Views – Tatry Bie. I bet at alot of those are downloaded off torrent sites.

Find More Posts by BleedOrange Torrente 4 Lethal Crisis 3D Italian audio with english subs was bizarrely watchable too. The Creeps 3-D dvd. The Simpsons Homer 3-D field sequential.

Best 3D Blu-ray Deals. MovieFanatic, I PM’d you a couple of times trying to resolve our seemingly immediate differences, please read them m8e.

And, trailers don’t count as movies. Torrente 4 – YouTube.