Tropes in specific videos. The children are only seen in videos where Barney is killed by other characters; even when they are generic children rather than specific ones who appeared on the show. I think Ricky’s parents were running a scam. Usually, this is because what the user deems as “awesome” still comes off as somewhat socially awkward, among various other reasons. Pretty much any non-human character from Dora the Explorer. In Calliou says his First Word and gets grounded ; Calliou, as a newborn says his first word which ends up becoming his name.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Usually, this is because what the user deems as “awesome” still comes off as somewhat socially awkward, among various other reasons. You can find it here. Still, some people have attempted to put in these three characters. In the aftermath, one of the parents of the students announces that because of Dora’s little “prank”, her daughter apparently developed PTSD, is now in a mental institution in a padded room with an oxygen mask and a straitjacket and a neck brace and a spinal board despite the trauma being mental. And leading to Macusoper getting a punishment he arguably didn’t deserve.

The speech-to-text voices’ infamous way of pronouncing Caillou’s name becomes a form of this in some videos, where Boris knows how to pronounce Caillou’s name, but will often switch when he realizes he’s “on camera” and call him “Kaylew” or “K-I-U” on purpose knowing how terrible it makes his son feel. The sole blame for this always placed on the naughty character of the day rather than the theater, which decided to take some sort of action to ensure that a single family wouldn’t be able to watch the movie.

Hey, who the fuck said a bad word?

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Many of the Dora “Grounded” videos seem to have the parents claiming she is grounded for “tranquility”. Now has a Characters page for some of the more recurring characters in the videos made with the website, related to grounding or otherwise.

Add the video to your site with the embed code above. Even Diego hasn’t been seen in very many videos. See also Made of Plasticine below. Insomuch as it can apply to here, some users have gradually been making an effort to make Dora look more like how she does in her home TV show over time.


Many videos have kids growing to an enormous height and going srretch a rampage through town or in a building when they can’t get their way.

Jesus Christ, you just scared the shit out of me! A recurring element of the Grounded videos. Many users count this as well.

On-Screen Controls ProElectric Cartoon simple and easy to use on-screen controls give each user total control over x rotation, y rotation, z rotation, overall scale, and position. At least they didn’t make fake VHS openings.

He hates fake VHS openings even more. Tomorrow is Punishment Day! You are grounded for [ extremely long number ] fucking years!

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Meanwhile, Dora being much more well-known and popular — and thus more hated tends to be far more of a target than Diego, making Diego Gets Grounded videos less widespread Though that doesn’t really explain Diego’s absence in the many videos involving his cousin outside of the odd few.

This video strangely shows the RMS Titanic incident either occurring in the present with Caillou being the cause of it, natchor having cell phones, live news reports on television, numerous modern conveniences, and Caillou’s own TV show existing in Signing up is free for 14 days, though you must upgrade to a paid account if you want to have access to their full resources. From the shows they are featured in.

You must be at least 13 years old to join, but like everything else limited by the American COPPA act, many younger than 13 just disregard this requirement and put in another birth year. Throwing a tantrum over not getting what they want for lunch may come the troublemaker killing someone then punching a teacher.

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Some of the Dora videos have Dora’s trademark exploring being this for her parents and grandmother, often for unexplained reasons. The family gets into their spacesuits and get on the rocket in about ten minutes, while in reality people going to space need at least six months to train and be prepared for the atmosphere and their new suits.


They do this by somehow tossing the burger several yards ahead of the car as it is moving strwtch the road, and hitting the burger causes the car to wipe out spectacularly. We take this stuff very seriously. Bean – A Day in the Animation Studios. Pretty much any non-human character from Dora the Explorer. Animateis a website that allows people to make their own animated videosformerly using Adobe Flashbut currently using the HTML5 standard which allows creation and viewing on most any device, including traditional computers and mobile devices.

A YouTube comment even called this out: Caillou himself can be this, too, but that’s really Depending on the Writer. Any sort of criminal act or misbehavior can be shown to be grounds for the troublemaker’s arrest or even execution in extreme cases if ganimate chosen by the troublemaker’s authority figures, regardless if the misdemeanor was accidental or something as petty as littering, losing a library book, or breaking a sibling’s belongings.

Many of the Grounded videos tend to end with “Pomp and Circumstance” playing in the background as the character gets grounded.

GoAnimatenow known as Vyond as of its rebrand in May and formerly styled as Go! Vyond would just be another video-making website if it wasn’t for the series of videos that sent the website and video maker into infamy back when it was called GoAnimate – the “X Gets Grounded” videos. stertch

Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff are almost never seen in the grounded videos. The Errors are extremely smart and will prevent all attempts to get rid of it, including powering down, installing anti-virus programs, upgrading your computer strecth unplugging your computer. Boris rushes in but smells something familiar. He proceeds to shoot a bartender, get Dora drunk, punch a random old guy off a building, and finally start driving drunk.