You know you want to, cuz its going to hurt so good. Then GJ could get DH. My thought is this episode is sweet and I’m sooo glad that Soo Yeon get new kind and sweet family. So I am still a bit torn but I would like her to end up with GJ. Yeah, see… just reading this — I have to just face my secret desire and that is for Da Hua to end up with Terry. May just you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time?

I skimmed the latest episode, and was puzzled… my tw drama instincts felt like Terry was the main lead, or equal lead as you said, rather than another one of those second leads meant as a plot device. I think… okay, really, really think, might actually HAVE to start downloading this to keep. That is the right thing to do. Your email address will not be published. I had the same gut feelings as well. This, and am not reading all the words for fear of spoilers. Yikes, even if I ship Da Hua-Terry, my heart still hurts for the poor lunkhead.

Anyhow — I am loving this one. Thanks for the music downloads.

I Miss You: Episode 2 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

He is still adamant about letting Da Hua go but when he tells her she can return to her Guan Jun and her family immediately, she finds out that Liang Yen is dead substtitute decides right then and there that she will fulfill the year long contract. I love cop ajusshi.


It was great and intense. And they switched the original pairings.

Princess’ Stand In

Episode 2 is really much better. Because the 1st episode looked like a movie to me. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I Miss You Favorite. But then again how can you spend so much time going through his struggles with him and have Terry NOT get the girl?

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Back to KF, clearly Guan Jun is helping out that gangster thug for the double whammy of earning money to pay back Terry and therefore bring Da Hua home, as well as stick it to ptincess guy. I would like to see Ariel in a princeds role so this dgamacrazy perfect! Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: How cute was it to watch him suddenly see her as a girl with one little accidental meeting of the lips.

Maybe i will wait till its over to watch it at once. I accept no blame for this. You have great taste. Fell in love with Joseph Chang! The characters are flawed in a very realistic and human way if that makes sense.

That or they know he can handle heavy material and are giving him a lot to work with. Juby November 8, at 9: Poor kid is just trapped in there.

I know I’m biased and all God, 5 actors I like – is this heaven?! Da Hua has a different face, how the heck is she ever going back to her old life without her whole world rocked upside down. The trigger word sends Jung-woo into a coughing fit, and when Detective Kim catches him making googly eyes at Soo-yeon again, he drags him out by the ear in the middle of dinner.


Anyway, the most important thing for me is how a drama like MY is starting to slowly affect my life Guan Jun soon finds out the current Liang Yen is his Da Hua and wants her to end the charade and come home. And I loved to see Soo Yeon finally getting some happiness in her poor sad life. I know nothing about this drama but seeing that photo of Chris Wu above made me pause.

Jung-woo runs to school the next morning, armed with a new hairpin for Soo-yeon, and walks into class to find the bullies painting her desk red and covering her chair in glue. A TW-drama that actually has stakes.

I appreciate all recommendations. Or are princsss people not used to watch movies? Happiness of an Angel or something like that.

Lol, can never understand doomsayers! I am so hook on with this drama I think that after the fighting, that’s when they really got to know each other so I’m okay with the tears first. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.