Harvey broaches the topic with Scottie, initially framing it as a genial request, which she rebuffs. Harvey Specter Patrick J. Zane refuses until Mike invokes his relationship with Rachel; Zane is amused and impressed with Mike’s chutzpah but Rachel is enraged when she learns of it. She says, “Thank You! He explains that his failure to train Harold reminds him of his own failure and the bullying he suffered. Together, they discover that since Tony Gionopoulos has other holdings which are regulated by the FTC , a takeover of Hessington Oil would put them in violation of anti-trust laws. Louis Rick Hoffman has a separate track while the murder trial is going on. She briefly leaves Louis alone in a room which contains the records of everyone who ever attended Harvard Law School; he is surprised to find no folder on Mike.

When Harvey calls Stephen to the stand, he fails to convince Cameron of Stephen’s guilt and reduces Ava’s chances still further. Harvey says, “I should have never come after you, I’m sorry. He gets tickets to see Daniel Day-Lewis in Macbeth , then tells Donna he has arranged dinner with Daniel after the show, causing her to instead take Stephen somewhere more private. Donna Paulsen Gina Torres Charles Van Dyke, Jessica’s former name partner, appears out of the blue, making claims that his dividend check should be higher and suspecting fraud in Pearson Specter’s books. Darby tells Jessica about the kind of relationship that he and Ava’s father shared. Retrieved March 14,

Harvey tells him, “You’re not only about winning, but you are about putting guilty people away. Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details.

“Suits” RECAP – Season 3 Episode 8 – ‘Endgame’: ‘Harvey Wins it for Donna’

This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat Silahkan periksa email Kamu dan ikuti langkah selanjutnya. Rachel offers that Louis has bullied Harold in the same way. List of Suits episodes. Retrieved March 14, Meanwhile, Jessica’s ex-husband Quentin has died, leaving Harvey and Jessica as co-executors. Jessica wants to take that usits, while Harvey says that Ava is not going to prison for a day.


Suits Season 3 Episode 8 –

She informs him that Darby signed his pink slip and that she is there to tell him that he is fired. Edward Darby Gary Cole Jessica sukts of Mike and Rachel’s relationship, is concerned about Robert Zane learning the firm’s business, and tells Mike she will fire him unless he gets Rachel to sign an affidavit saying that she knew of Mike’s fraud.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harvey sends Mike to ask Robert Zane to pay the Folsom Foods settlement immediately in return for a discount.

Suits – Season 3, episode 8

Use the HTML below. The conflicts between Jessica and both Harvey and Darby heat up when she prevents Louis from going to the board, thus sealing Ava’s fate as the board wxtch her.

He tries to cut a deal z3e8 tells that his offer is of eight years. Meanwhile Donna and Rachel try to help Harvey and Mike make amends. After initially threatening to break up with her if she goes to Stanford, Watcb is again supportive of Rachel, and she decides to go to Columbia in spite of her rational analysis in favor of Stanford. Each character works at the fictional Pearson Hardman law firm in Manhattan.

We may have finally got a settlement, too when it comes to Harvey and Cameron. Harvey approaches Jessica for help, and they plan to have Gionopoulos Holdings buy Hessington Oil but reinstate Ava as CEO, in exchange for Gionopoulos testifying that Dennis left him alone in a room with a damning tape of Ava for him to view. Harvey tells Mike that prosecutors are like hammers and they like to hit the nail and he needs watcb remind Cameron that he hit the wrong nail.

When Harvey opens the door, the bottle is full, but when she opens it to pour, it’s not full any more. Gabriel Macht plays corporate lawyer Harvey Specterwho is promoted to senior partner and is forced to hire an associate attorney.


Back at the watcu, the now cat-less Louis lashes out against the associates, then goes to Harold’s office to berate him about his testimony in the mock trial.

Mike’s celebration is short-lived, however, when Jessica says New York Lawyer magazine wants to interview the man responsible for making a Fortune siits publicly admit wrongdoing, and she says Mike’s name must be removed from the case to avoid publicity that might lead to interrogation of his status.

In the end, Harvey and Mike reconcile, leaving Louis behind. The case is eventually settled out of court with Ava keeping her company and staying out of jail, though Harvey is not entirely pleased with the settlement.

Tindakan berbahaya yang mencederai. A man named James Wtach comes up with a “bullshit claim” against Marathon Footwear, a Pearson Specter client that is supposed to go public in a week.

On Rachel’s urging, Louis accepts Nigel’s offer to return supervision of the associates to Louis in exchange for the cat. Mike later gets angry with Rachel when he finds out from her father that she suite applied to attend law school at Stanford.

Ava Hessington Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Meanwhile, when Mike and Harold are arrested, Mike hopes his timid ex-colleague will toe the line. Retrieved August 7, It turns out the recipient of the exam answers was the dean’s daughter, so the dean expels Mike from college and notifies Harvard Law of the watcch.

Work begins on the dissolution of the Pearson Darby Specter firm.