They don’t seem like a real pro-angel kinda crowd. But me and Sam, we can get him here. The Spearmint Rhino is a franchise of upmarket strip clubs. I mean, one night off. I’m here to save your ass. To do better, to forgive.

Something tells me this isn’t a Shriner convention. And why is that? And what makes you such an expert? I mean, one night off. Later on, Sam mentions that they exited off I He tells Dean to get their blood from Kali so they can escape. Security Guard Patrick Bahrich

Babar was also mentioned in 5. Gabriel turns up at the meeting – the gods know him as Lokithe Trickster and don’t realize he is an archangel.

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Pandora was the home of the Na’vi in James Cameron’s movie Avatar Pandora is also the name of an inner satellite, or moon, of Saturn. Sam and Dean then agree they will help the gods call Lucifer, if the humans they are holding can be freed. He goes to her room, pretending to be romantic in an attempt to retrieve the boys’ blood, but she realizes his ruse and draws his blood, binding Gabriel to her.

Start your free trial. Now on any other given day, I’d be doing my damnedest to, uh, kill you, you filthy murdering chimps. Well, dude’s not in the Yellow Pages.

This is a safe room. Led Zeppelin’s sound subsequently was sometimes referred to as the “Hammer of the Gods. There are billions of us. I don’t know what everybody’s getting so worked up about! Gabriel then tries to kill Lucifer with the angel blade, but Lucifer turns it on him and kills Xast. Trivia Pestilence is played by Matt Frewer who also starred in the mini series adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Stand, in which a battle between heaven and hell takes place after most of the earth’s population has been wiped out by an extremely aggressive flu.


A final scene shows the arrival of a very sickly Pestilenceaccompanied by a swarm of flies.

Add the first question. In a conference room, gods from many religions are gathered. Those lemmings wanna run off a cliff, that’s their business. A group of gods plot to stop the Apocalypse. You think you’re the only ones on sjpernatural It is a running joke on the crime procedural NCISwhere the character of Gibbs often approaches without warning while other characters are talking about him.

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There’s somebody behind me, isn’t there? The Judeo-Christian Apocalypse looms over us.

Sam Winchester Jensen Ackles There are ten gods present at the Elysian Fields Hotel. Marble se19 also be referencing the end of the movie Men in Black when the Earth is revealed to be a marble. And we nicked Famine’s. Goofs The beginning of the episode states that it takes place in Muncie, Indiana.

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In it Gabriel tells them they may be able to re-imprison Lucifer, and that the keys to his cage are the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of which they already have those of War cash Famine. Along with the goddess Isis and two unnamed gods in non-speaking roles.

The scene where Dean sees Ganesh in elephant form is a literal play on the popular phrase “the elephant in the room”which is a metaphor for an obvious truth or problem that supernwtural being ignored or not being addressed. Baldur sets some ground rules for their behavior, and he and Kali outline how they have gathered everyone together to address the fact that the Judeo-Christain Apocalypse as started by Lucifer threatens the Earth.


Ladies and gentleman, thank you for coming. There are billions of us and we were here first. Okay, well then how about you do what we say, or we tell the, uh, Legion of Doom about your secret identity.

Ship’s sinking, time to get off. Now, before we get down to brass tacks, some ground rules. Don’t mock my world turtle. I’m older than you.

Supernaturxl was the name of a community in the forest in Guyana run by cult leader Jim Jones, where he lived with approximately 1, followers. This many gods under one roof. And yet you claim to be gods. Dean suspects he cares for the other gods, but Gabriel is unable or unwilling to use his blade to kill Lucifer. Superrnatural incident is the origin for the phrase “drinking the Kool Aid,” which is a metaphor for accepting an order, argument, philosophy, or belief without question and a recurring theme and issue in Supernatural, although this specific expression has never been used in an episode as of this writing.