Follow me on Twitter. After treating us to one last gratuitous cleavage shot of Purple Kelly, the stakes were set by showing us two votes each for Fabio and Chase. Holly talks with Chase. Chase is voting for Dan. Later, Fabio and Sash talk. Fabio manages to answer her questions easily enough.

Marty talks with Chase. Fabio gets his 2 nd one wrong. Jane looks super pissed. Fabio made them all laugh and cry, which was ridiculously — if unintentionally — smart, and Sash said he treasured friendships more than alliances and absolutely nobody believed him. Sash thinks that every single one left in the game will take him to the final three. Holy has a slight lead.

Who wants to watch more puzzle competitions from evicted contestants? Dan says that Sash is spineless, a phony, and a liar.

This meant that at the worst, there would be a tie. The jury is less inclined to hear what he has to say d21e15 they were double-crossed by him. Join 1, other followers sign up. Was I dreaming or did I see a promo recently for the upcoming Survivor season with Boston Rob and Russell competing against each other?


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Chase, Holly, and Sash are working on the puzzle. Dan and Fabio are behind. I was so excited I wtch what month it is. Nay asks Fabio what got him to the end. Follow me on Twitter.

Brenda pulled an Eliza and pretended to agonize over her decision before finally casting her vote for Chase. For this challenge, they have to balance a sword on a shield. Watch Episode in HD. We will fix it ASAP. Once again, thanks for the great updates every week.

Then Fabio talks with Sash. Holly and Chase talk about the final three. The reunion show — and updated season rankings! But once he starts, watch out! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sounds like another boring addition. There is a VT about the next season of Survivor: Maybe I need some coffee or something….

Survivor season finale recap: The Right Person Won |

Fabio tells Chase that Sash was trying to vote him out. Here you can login to your account on 9movies. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Seems so last year already. You were pretty very honest with me at the very last second. Some rambling, incoherent stuff about music and traveling around and trying out these ideas in his head. The next thing is that he will take care of his mom.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This site uses cookies. Fabio has made up a lot of time. Sash is the most articulate of the final survibor.

The Right Person Won. Have a wonderful New Year! They kind of argue.

Survivor season finale recap: The Right Person Won

In his hurry, Chase drops a puzzle piece on the ground. If they are right, they get puzzle pieces, if they are wrong they will get black pieces. Sash tries to interject but is rebuked.

Alina provokes a reaction from all three of them.