Just click the play button and enjoy the show. NA Seven Seas Entertainment. Valhalla members Orochi and Kanaria who now goes by the name Miss Watery, learn that Kiseki, who they had been planning to break out of prison, has escaped and plan to capture her. Although she enjoys his visits she has a brother complex and appears jealous he has so many female teammates. To prevent this Kiseki must be routinely killed and brought back to life in order to kill off her demon body parts. Mirai no Mirai Saturday, February 02 9. Other versions such as dubbed, other languages, etc..

Haunted suddenly attacks and stabs Takeru, desiring Kiseki to spread chaos everywhere. Anime and Manga portal. Reima confronts Usagi and when he brings up her murdered brother she has another panic attack. Saturday, January 12 9. They are released by President Nagaru who reveals Kiseki was attacked by Valhalla. Takeru doesn’t care Mari is a witch and treats her like a member of the team. The first wave of English-speaking settlers arrived in North America during the 17th century, followed by further migrations in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This eclectic group has a long way to go if they wish to succeed and climb the ranks at the Anti-Magic Academy: However the Chairman, Vlad’s true master, suddenly takes the guns away and Takeru appears to protect the unarmed Oka.

Oka deactivates Mari’s Gleipnir necklace and she uses her magic with Takeru’s fishing rod to launch the Sea Hare onto the beach, defeating it.

Takeru is captain of the 35th Test Platoon, the least effective team in the school, consisting of himself, Usagi Saionji, a sniper who suffers from stage fright, and Ikaruga Suginami, a tech genius who enjoys sexually harassing people, especially Usagi. The film is produced by Binu Dev under the banner of Navarang Screens and features music composed by Rex Vijayan of the band Avialwhilst cinematography is handled by Udayan Ambaadi and is edited by Vinod Sukumaran.

Ikaruga becomes extremely romantic toward Takeru but then vomits all over him. The next day 35th Platoon head to the beach to discover how the weather has been manipulated to cause summer to last far longer than is natural. Kyoya and Kurogane are attacked by Orochi. The Chairman, watching from nearby, laments that Takeru does not yet understand.


Takeru and Kiseki are attacked by Kyoya and Yoshimizu who try to kill Kiseki. She then kisses him and begins to eat his soul in exchange for unlocking his God Hunter mode. Elsewhere a young Valhalla witch, Mari Nikaido, meets with Necromancer and AlchemistHaunted, who had just murdered 50 people as sacrifices for a new spell.

Teaser play More videos Edit Synopsis In a world plagued by magical dangers and threats, there exist special warriors—known as Inquisitors—who are tasked with non-violently preventing these threats and nefarious actions.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Episode 6. Takeru battles his way past the Alchemist controlled dragoons. Mari and Oka immediately fight with each other which gets worse as they compete in class, with Oka being more physically capable and Mari being more intellectually capable.

They target Valhalla, the criminal witch organisation who had tried to purchase the artefact. Usagi tells Takeru about Reima and Takeru invites Usagi to spend the night at his apartment.

Shourai Read Edit View history. Tempers flare upon her arrival, as she clashes with sugbed clumsy captain Takeru Kusanagi and argues with the rest of the squad over her views on witches. Mari becomes an official academy student before once again fighting with Oka, this time about breast size.

Oka uses her Relic Eater Vlad to see that the white paint is a giant magic circle designed to control peoples minds. Oka, Mari and Usagi ae held prisoner at the lab and are interrogated by Isuka who is surprised Ikaruga managed to make friends.

Usagi reveals thanks to Takeru her engagement is cancelled and she can stay at school. Episode disambiguation An episode is a part of a dramatic work such as a e;isode television or radio program.

Takeru immediately signs up 35th Platoon to take part as his parents left him with large debts and his little sister to support so he is desperate for money. Mari expresses her desire to ennglish magic to help people.

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Kiseki’s body begins to split apart, releasing flying demons into the sky to attack Oka. As her necklace is about to explode from her using magic it suddenly deactivates, which Oka reveals was part of her deal with the Chairman since Mari was innocent of the murders. Takeru expresses his wish to save his sister and go home with his friends.


Discovered by the girls Takeru draws his sword and almost attacks them when they see Kiseki. However they are interrupted by Mari, Oka and Ikaruga, who, in fits of jealousy, punish Takeru severely for not trying to seduce them as well. Inside the lab Isuka reveals after Ikaruga escaped she was modified by the scientists to be more focused and feel pain whenever she experienced an emotion, ensuring she wouldn’t escape like Ikaruga did.

In this thread, you’ll find a comprehensive list takuen anime acquired for simulcast release during the Fall season. Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai. An incident with Oka being scared by a ghost in the shower ends with both girls naked on top of Takeru, for which he is punished. The 35th Test Platoon Manga”. Takeru asks her why she wants the Dark Elves to return.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Episode 7 Eng Sub

Mari is told to live with Takeru secretly the Chairman’s plot neglish make her an easy target for Valhalla and the jealous Oka insists on living with both of shkien to keep Mari from possibly seducing Takeru, but is terrified when Takeru’s apartment appears to be haunted. Takeru assures her he’d find a way to make her good again. She wishes to die so she can’t kill any more and wants Takeru to do it.

Retrieved from ” https: August 22, [15]. Usagi decides not to tell her friends she is leaving. Dragon Ball Super Movie: