Everyone forgets about Elfen Lied D: But be careful to check if each disc is currently available and doesn’t say “save”. Demon King Daimao But in a nutshell: Especially if you happen to like seinen anime. I just finished watching “Ouran high school host club” omfg so good. I believe that the dubbed English version will come out soon though.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Reina simply wants what she wants — be it the solo, an ensemble to play in, her deference to Kaori is only a forced one I believe due to adherence to the conventional social norm of seniority. No the characters are not this cute. Do you mean that it was made in the west and so it isn’t anime? In fact, I seriously want it to: And yes, perhaps that was the point, as the brunt of the relational tensions present in the show were almost entirely from external influences, from an idiotic prince of a neighbouring country, to an overbearing older brother. A lot have been saying it did, but I’m not sure.

Hell yeah, she is!

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It is the same anime, but it is in English or another language instead of Japanese. What are the best English dubbed animes?


teara This may take some time Spice and Wolf I would rather watch the Japanness version All the voices are great in Japanness!!!! How is the dub? Anime dubbing Canada industry? OP is forgetting a few genres for some titles in OP btw.

Why is illness such a big deal in anime? If it doesn’t grab you, just switch to another one until you find one that does.

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Nabari No Ou But if you must the dub is bearable. If its a good dubing company then they do NOT edit the … animation, they might change whats being said a tiny bit, to make it fit the mouth flaps like FUNimation, VIZ media.

Hetalia, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing going for it. All the anime is in English which it’s good but some of the voices are really annoying!!!!!

I also saw “fruit baskets”. Darker than Black If I was more willing in breaking the unbreakable law of shipping Takeo with anyone BUT Rinko, Sunakawa would still be wearing that plastic wrap, struggling through a kissing lesson with Takeo.


My Goddess 5 Clannad: My favourite characters tend to be GOOD people. I watch all my anime on there I’m im very, very happy with it. There are so many good ones on there.

Next Post Funomena Picks: Better end this before it gets out of hand. Sands of Destruction Stay away from Hetalia. I’m watching a certain episode of SnS which is really starting to episods me wonder something Black Blood Brothers Besides, I believe the term is ‘voice actors’, not ‘voice imitators’.

Anime’s on Netflix?

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The BD isn’t even out in Japan yet, homey, and won’t be for another few months. Sound exactly like a Ti relationship: Soul Eater on Netflix is English dubbed.