From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Midori comes over for dinner, and hears of how Ran’s parents met in high school and fell in love. Ran hears the voices from the Emahi grass and goes into the forest with the others in tow. Ran hears another voice, and goes with Midori to investigate the new mystery. Ran’s pursuit of the masked figure onto the bridge prompts an encounter with Midori who taunts Ran with warnings that she will be called a monster by others. The man is later arrested for bribery and an accessory to murder.

Saeko is silently abducted from the school library, and Ran is surprised that she still cannot hear Rui’s thoughts. Will there be a reunion at the end of the series? Anyway, another good episode, we seem to be getting a lot of background information on Midori now in a very good way. Ran continues to hear voices as the man from earlier gets into a car accident not far from the house. Ran Isozaki is a young girl entering junior-high school with her childhood friend Rui Ayase. As the animals attack, Midori tries to fight back, but Ran stops her, which causes them to get injured. Telepathy Shoujo Ran has been on fire it seems for the last 3 episodes, all of them very excellent and next week’s looks like it’s going to be great too.

Ran and the others leave the island soon after. While there, an accident happens and Ran’s parents finally find out about her powers. They both also discover that Rui has the ability to stay Ran’s unrefined powers. Ran and the others are tied up and left for dead after the culprits light the house on fire, but Ran and Midori use their powers in conjunction with Yumi’s ghost eipsode save everyone.

When she gets home, Midori listens to Ran’s humorous messages and unexpectedly meets up with Ran at the festival later when the fireworks are going off.

Midori’s telekinetic counterattack backfires and throws her from the rooftop but Ran interferes, saving her life. Time skips to when Ran and the others are in their second telepaty of junior-high school, but now Rui is in a different class, which depresses Rsn. Rui’s unexpected appearance in the past, plus the comb he had pegs him for a thief, but he manages to feign amnesia.


Midori and Ran continue to investigate the ghosts, and find clues ram how someone could make people think ghosts were around due to hidden passages near the outdoor bath. Retrieved from ” https: Ran receives images from someone in the town of an unresolved injustice.

Afterwards, the Emahi grass wilts and disappears; their teacher leaves shortly after.

Ran, Rui and Midori get involved with Rin’s classmate Reika when they find out her brother has gone missing. The anime has run on Saturdays since June 21, except for a break on August 9.

It turns out the girl will be moving away soon.

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Ran, Midori, and Rui head to the school’s old beech tree to find a group of the transformed human animals and their old teacher Momoko.

Naruyoya tries to have them killed, but Ran and Midori use their powers to escape. It turns out O-Ran’s father was a comb maker before he died. Ran’s parents reassure her and Midori that even though they are different, they are still loved.

A man is coming to buy the inn from him and his mother tomorrow, but he does not want to sell. Searching the Town” Transcription: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The man who got epiwode the car accident, Nakai, goes to the hospital, and Ran, Rui, and Midori go to his room to ask him questions. That night, Reika is abducted by the old man’s men in the middle of telepatjy night, and Ran is knocked unconscious via chloroform and taken away somewhere.

Rui manages to get permission for them to take the haniwa with them, and they research about the Yayoi period when he lived. While visiting Midori in the hospital for stomach pains after overeating, Ran sees a ghost girl that the others cannot which leads them into a room with an injured man named Tatsuhiko.

At school, Midori dresses up like Medusaand is complemented by her classmates. Views Read Edit Epidode history. As Ran and Rui are out looking for more clues, Midori stays behind. Telepathy Shoujo Ran Episode Midori begins to test Ran’s abilities, and ends up remonstrating with her, revealing Ran’s powers of telekinesis in the process.


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They meet a woman named Noriko looking for a villa she used to visit as a child, but is having trouble finding. Taking the vacant seat at the back, Midori telepathically tells Ran that making friends is rn waste of time. Ran and the others find the Emahi grass they were looking for, and Ran almost gets into an accident. Ran’s classmate Yamashita receives a letter which is read by a couple bullies in class.

That night, Rui and Midori stay over for the night at Ran’s house.

Ran sees a small girl all in white and follows her out with Midori and Noriko in tow. After they find the villa, Noriko recalls memories of her past while at the villa with her father. They investigate into it and go to the town where he was last seen. Once telepaghy get to the hotel, Rui reveals more about he knows of the island, and the group goes out later to watch the sunset, where Ran hears intense tflepathy again.

In addition to the voice, Ran sees images of the girl’s childhood and her mother calling her a freak before abandoning her. The Kidnapped Bride” Transcription: Yamashita tears up the letter without reading it himself.

Ran and the others continue to investigate the ghosts and gain access to the detached wing where the old man died a couple months back. I don’t really think there are stories to be told with Ran and Rui Lists of anime episodes. A brief battle ensues, and Midori interferes in the fight, prompting the masked figure to invade Midori’s mind. Ran continues to get more injured by cuts from the animals, but still chooses not to fight back.