Akiba calls Irie’s theatrical style “cheap acting. Inui faces his former doubles partner, Renji Yanagi, in a match that will determine who’s stronger. While training with them, Dan challenges his new role model and idol, Ryoma, to a match. Ryoma has a bit of trouble returning the Snake at first, but quickly learns the footing. Kaidoh loses his memory by trying to save Ryoma from a certain head and face injury. Still about the US Open. The duels to remain in camp continue as Shirashi and Kenya are forced to face off.

The pair is able to overcome the data, Kaido by using a new shot, the Boomerang Snake, that goes around the pole and Momoshiro by increasing the power of his Dunk Smash. Yanagi faces off against No. Atobe and Sanada have a match. However, Momoshiro urges Ryoma to take the opportunity and go to the U. Ryoma’s name is called but he is now at the air terminal for the American team where he promises to win the cup Unexpectedly, Atobe isn’t able to serve over the net, bringing it into tiebreaker because of pressure from Ochi’s glare.

Hyoutei, Shitenhouji, Higa, Seigaku and Rokkaku decide to take a break before the finals, and decide to eat Yakiniku.

However, in the end, Shiraishi’s cunning mind finds a way eoisode hit the ball over the net, bringing the game to episoe tie break. Before joining the camp Akaya promised he wouldn’t play against the high schoolers in Devil Mode. Atobe and company sang the song “Wonderful Days”. Baker orders the Griffey Brothers to lose their match on purpose, however, nno witnessing how determined and earnest Kikumaru is, they remember how fun tennis is and end up winning the match.


Ojii explains the Shukuchi Method, and Ryoma comes back from America! Ryoma bumps into Sakuno and they go to a game centre where afterwards Sakuno shows him that she had drawn numerous bad luck fortunes at 177178 shrine but one good luck one. 1177-178 story that flashbacks to the days when Tachibana and Chitose were team-mates and how their remarkable tennis skills earned them this nickname.

The problem is, his teammates keep showing up. Ishida loses as Duke bests all levels of the Hadokyuu. Tezuka slowly begins to surpass Fuji. With everyone watching, Sanada screamed for it to fall on Tezuka’s side, which it did, resulting in Rikkaidai’s win.

Coach Mifune arrives at the camp and is revealed to be the head coach where he announces that at the world cup, the middle schoolers could rep Japan as well!

Meanwhile Inoue checks on Seigaku’s next opponent, Rikkaidai. The Singles 3 match between Fuji and Shiraishi is played. A battle of an ‘Angel’ against a ‘Demon’.

After, they divide up in their rooms and unite with old friends. The history of how they became partners and friends as kids is also shown.

Those who lost were forced to leave the camp, while the winners remained. Akaya’s shoulder injury prevents him from hitting many Phantom Balls, and it finally becomes too much for him to keep on playing.

In the evening, the students from court 3 and court 2 have matched with each other. CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles containing Episoed text Articles with Japanese-language external links.

Echizen ouji-saa in a tough spot however with Shinji using his “Spot” technique to numb Echizen’s arm muscle for the split second Shinji needs to get the point.


Tokugawa stops Ryoma and resumes the game. Aside from the appearance, he also has the ability to copy his signature techniques and playstyle. The Ranking Tournament is finally here, and the matches to determine the regulars are ready to prosper.

Prince of Tennis Episode 177-178

Ryoma, during cleaning duty, encounters three uperclassmen, to whom he challenges to a free throw duel. Hiyoshi is overwhelmed by Ryoma’s energy and consecutive Drive Bs, and Ryoma wins the match. Instead of playing against Kakinoku in the finals as first expected, Seigaku faces Fudomine who have resurrected as a new team since a violent episode the former year.

Even though Ryoma wins, Momoshiro technically wins for the block.

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Seigaku’s first round’s matches start with Higa Middle School. Echizen came to watch the match halfway through. However, the win goes to Hyotei as Kikumaru “prevents” Oishi from hitting the ball further and causing nk injury to his wrist.

This motion is called Seal Step, and it looks as if he has a doppelganger. The match between Tezuka and Atobe ends up becoming an endurance match. Gin has levels of Hadoukyuu. Tezuka vs Kabaji in Singles 2 of the quarterfinals.