The car can be collected from the airport and dropped back and would mean we would get to EP quicker also. It spells out its message in sutures. The other a needle. The star attraction, “Freak Factory” boasts 30 actors in 19 rooms. If not a new Icon, I always wondered how well Robert L. Edited November 4, by Doctor Cogstein. I was thinking a doctor or a barber.

Be all decked out with the Plague mask and period garb, except underneath the mask, which we’d see, he or she has long since died and decayed, quite grisly, from the Plague. Wed Sep 10, 7: He has now expanded his new prison to encompass the entire park and all who enter are guilty until proven innocent or dead. Hire car sounds like a good idea to me. AstroDan Wed Sep 10, 9: How about The Plague Doctor? Anonymous Thu Sep 11, 4:

Evening flight to Stansted.

Flying from Gatwick and arriving back at Stansted. No registered users and 2 guests.

While we are on the topic of icons look what I found snooping around eBay. Wed Sep 10, 7: How about Jared From Subway? Transfer to EP for around 1. Terenzi Horror Nights Transfers: Lady luck was interesting in that nigjt too Even bloody Mary was a doctor first and foremost. Strickland would do as a icon.


Spooky moments in Germany’s biggest theme park

Welcome to Hellpark Prison! Maybe have an Egyptian style house themed on the 10 plagues of Egypt? Never gonna happen though. Sign In Sign Up. Anonymous Mon Sep 08, 7: I also hodror a gas mask slung over his shoulder and canisters on his back, from which he takes frequent whiffs.

Traumatica – Das neue Horror Event!

I am prepared to drive also as its over 25 for 7 seaters. AstroDan Wed Sep 10, 9: Edited November 4, by Doctor Cogstein.

The car can be collected from the airport and dropped back and would mean we would get to EP quicker also. I was interested in fear because it wasn’t just a person like that, too bad it came out so bad. Anonymous Wed Sep 10, 6: Posted November 4, Operating room lights shine down on the logo, which on its back on an operating table. I’m picturing a more menacing male version of the Storyteller, with a powder wig.

Boosaphus took the words right from my mouth. Final itinerary is as follows: The event at Europa-Park comprises 5 horror attractions, and runs from 7.


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How about The Plague Doctor? The other a needle.

Register a new account. I’m also partial to “the Professor,” a more unassuming character hiding a vicious serial killer who hosts “Horror’s History.

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Put my holidays in last night so I should hear tonight or tomorrow whether they have been granted or not. Maybe we can get a dictator like the one in Singapore last year.

Follows the gruesome sentences that the Judge has imposed upon the guilty. This message will be removed once you have signed in. Anonymous Thu Sep 11, 6: Anonymous Thu Sep 11, 1: A couple of sutures are unfinished, with strands of suture trailing off. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.