Mar 17 , Thanks for the info. TGV especially in Pyramid is overpriced. An Unsolved Ancient Enigma. May 26 , It was very cheap.

Apr 20 , First cinema in Interior Division. Consists of one Premiere Class Hall. That time was 1 day before movie officially released. Opened officially on 1 March And the price is cheap although it migh be difference with other gsc but still cheap than tgv. I am very sad to look at my mom’s face when the counter girl told her there is no senior citizen ticket. Masai , Johor Bahru.

The cinema could be on a different floor then.

TGV Cinema

I go wangsa walk before. Never book TGV online 1. Showtomes costs me frigging RM13 though the movie has been released for almost a month.

I don’t go to TGV anymore. It houses the first Dolby Atmos hall and the largest screen in East Malaysia. This post has been edited by masterelr: Mar 18 And tgv royale popcorn is heaven.

I don’t really have a choice since TGV is just outside my house. Jan 20 Mersa seat normal movie will cost you RM Go to Wangsa Walk or 1st Avenue and then come back here comment again.


TGV especially in Pyramid is overpriced. An Unsolved Ancient Enigma. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Host Malaysia’s first Premiere Class Hall.

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Jul 1 Jan 26 Premium price but lower class service and environment. Located on Level R.

Is it smelly or anything? Related Articles concretize crusher london uncharted golden abyss for ps vita uncharted golden contains golden eagle brand jute mill machinery golden mine separating plant shanghai golden shanghai grinder shanghai grinding small and light weight golden processing equipment golden supplier linear screening machine golden table agitation of high energetic efficiency london mining greenland. Normal couple seat will cost you RM26 so it’s icnema worth it to go for thv.

But TGV Luxe class is totally worth it.

TGV 1 Shamelin cinema has 8 screens and seats for moviegoers. Feb 17 Nov 6 Aug 16 I like the new TGV at 1st Avenue.

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This post shoetimes been edited by yimingwuzere: Largest cinema in Negeri Sembilan since 23 July Once step in cinema room then feel smelly. Largest cinema in Borneo. I only watch at tgv on wednesday.


The Golden Knight Group: TGV is old and the location is suck such as klcc car park too exp1U totally lose to GSCnow renovating Sunway ppl might fall down n die: While its nothing to shout about, it’s definitely more spacious than klcc.

Located on Level 2. Feb 16 I preferred GSC but shit jall. Today TGV charging their ticket price at rm May 1 ,