We got a despot running the country. In this utopia, their candidate—Revolutionary Comrade Pantsuit, in her signature Mao-inspired fashion line—was the only one worthy to sit in the Oval Office. As one Bond fan a Ms. All in all, these voices have the delusion that they alone have been appointed to set forth what is good and noble in the world and what is not. They are united by a strong belief, like crusaders. The trickster elements—bombastic action and explosions, the rapid shifts of narrative, the dark murky scenes—reinforce the technique of the conjuror’s other hand: Judy Lockhart in Calgary writes in an email:.

Let us revisit the hysterics of His Eminence: Of course, fight scenes and car chases and explosions are in the mix, followed by more fight scenes and car chases and more explosions, all the while emphasizing a self-inflicted disease: Lost in all this clatter is the edict from original producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman. We remake the old stories with our perceptions of today. Now purportedly still in the role, Craig snatched the dangled carrot, although the ungodly amount, as described by the spinmeisters, is dubious at best: Judy Lockhart in Calgary writes in an email:.

Megan Ellison herself nurtured in the California lefty culture as the daughter of Oracle grand poo-bah Larry Ellison.

Nothing but clean, blank pages to emphasize profound creativity. You got a voice with your site so you better do the right thing and expose that dictator for what he is. This downward spiral reveals that while the Tinseltown asylum which includes the subservient media is keen to portray Craig as a major force in filmdom, moviegoers disagree, even expressing an astounding indifference towards his efforts.

That line, the poetry of his spontaneous remark, must have surprised even himself.

Instead, the of yore is dismantled, blotted out from the screen to fade in the murky fog of forgetting, as Madam Producer proudly declared. Thisdevoid of any determination, is incapable of taking leadership presumably, a key requirement in his job description. We got a despot running the country. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: So to hell with you! But the Craig films are an altogether different breed, marking a major shift in the series in their reworking of the Bond character and their drift into political correctness.

View the large version. Daniel Craig, mesmerized, returns to the role he despises. At the confines of Eon, the Madam Producer, who I imagine reacted to this movement with surprise and excitement, caught on: I imagine him feeling that he soared away from the staged words of politicians and landed in the ranks of glorious thinkers who also spoke French: In late JanuaryPurvis admitted to be incapable of writing a Bond movie, thanks to the current occupant of the White House.


Petersburg suggested, undicine actor in the role embodies the front end of the franchise; yet, in this case, a decrepit facade now greets the world, an apt symbol of the degeneration of the series. Three years later, in a town hall in Edmontonthe prime minister made an astounding contribution to linguistic studies by declaring there was also no more need for the words of the past: Craig, as usual, is strangely detached from the proceedings, looking every bit like a British citizen wondering why he was hit with a huge unexpected Vodafone mobile phone bill.

We remake the old stories with our perceptions of today. With turbulence comes uncertainty.

The Undivine Comedy Continues

The one thing I feel I can say with confidence is that with the inevitable media and marketing blitz, it will thoroughly look as if the Bond makers will deliver another box-office hit.

It was radical, revolutionary change, wiping the slate clean by purging all culture and traditions in that country, culminating in one of the most bloodiest atrocities in history. Get the word out on impeachment. But one question at the heart of all this struggle—essentially the question—is, What exactly will be built after the teardown?

They are united by a strong belief, like crusaders. I cannot think of anyone more likely to have offered a sonorous announcement than Madam Producer herself. Bond fans had every reason to take this personally: Such characterization contributes to the fatal flaw in the entire spectacle: Or maybe a mysterious person showed up at the script conferences and blew some special hallucinatory drug distributed by Latin American pharmaceutical cartels into the faces of the filmmakers and convinced them to redefine the Bond character.

Not that there is anything astray with gender parity in his cabinet. Which leads us to believe that he must have skipped a number of classes in secret agentry school. And thus the catalyst for the ensemble of voices devoted to the manic sport of Trump bashing. Imagine if you will this version of Bond delving into an app from Q Branch that tracks the numerous alphabet of customized sexual identities. The t-zero brigade are the nihilists of our time, totalitarian nihilists, whose sole reason of being is to destroy the past and nothing more.


The script they developed must have been none too thrilling; but I assume they are still waiting at the sidelines.

As one Bond fan a Ms. Quoted passages contain the styles used in the original source. This returns us to our good friend Neal Purvis: So much, then, for the original plan: Thus, the modus operandi, bonded and shipped for universal export: Using any text cmoedy paraphrasing any of the ideas on this web site without proper citation is plagiarism.

The offbeat actor has since declared that all of his characters a coterie of outliers from Edward Scissorhands to The Mad Hatter, to name a few are quite light on their loafers—picture it if you will.

Purvis retreats into the comfort of his ideology ah, the source of Truth! Their hearts are overflowing with a deep sense of rapture.

The world to come, when everything is reset to t-zero, cannot blossom until the entire past is obliterated, as symbolized in the toppling of all these statues. Meanwhile, I stand back and attempt to see a wider perspective, with or without vodka, facing the inescapable condition: On April 4,a piece from T he Hollywood Reporter revealed that the ckmedy of Annapurna Pictures is uncertain: What nefarious deed has the man with the goofy hair accomplished that exemplifies Bondian villainy?

Well, maybe Barbara Broccoli sought advice from the political philosopher, Jennifer Lawrence.

The Un-Divine Comedy of Campaign 2012: Political Commentary in Rhyme

In a such a scenario, Boyle’s association would be tenuous. OMG we having one as the president! In this utopia, their candidate—Revolutionary Comrade Pantsuit, in her signature Mao-inspired fashion line—was the only one worthy to sit in the Oval Office.

And certainly the heterosexual fictional character —and, by god, he was created by an imperialist in —was never crafted for gender fluidity and must cimedy be remade with sexual identity vulnerabilities, tinged with childhood baggage, for our hyper-sensitive times. Once again, from Bawer:. In the last few years, the muddled negotiations with various studios for distribution rights hovered over film number 25 like a thundercloud; but this business about Annapurna Pictures could be a vortex of chaos looming on the horizon.