I get the feeling that they were recorded for all episodes, and are probably available on the Japanese release, just not on the US one. The dub is certainly getting on in years now, and has more of the bad old days about it than other English dubbed anime of the period. Narue is reluctant at first, but after Kazuto confesses his love to her, and assures her that he is not bothered by her alien heritage, Narue agrees and they start dating. Disclaimer I do not own this anime or have anything to do with making it. Eiji Yanagisawa as Kazuto’s Father. There’s also no need for a harem, and not every random alien girl is falling for Kazuto for any particular inexplicable reason. The simple thing would be to remove the Nanase family from the planet, but Narue doesn’t want to leave now that she has a boyfriend, and she’s been promised that no one will try to force her.

Kanaka uses her wristband device again to take the others to a beach on a secluded island. They must deal with classmates who do not look favorably upon aliens, including Hajime Yagi, Narue’s classmate and ufologist , who does not believe Narue is really an alien and thinks that she is lying to get attention. Narue’s happy though, and in return, she offers to take Kazuto to her favourite place on Earth. Kanaka has started at school, with strict instructions to be discreet about her true origins. Afterwards, when he tries to pick it up, the dog turns into a monster. Edit Synopsis Meet Narue, an adorable schoolgirl with a secret.

Francesc Rocamora as Masaki Maruo Spain dub. That’s the low rent apartment, where the alien dog is back, attacking Narue’s father.

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Jitendar Canth Added on: Besides, one look into those baby blues has Kazuto believing too. Nwrue Emotion BanG Dream! It might be sort of usable without it, but don’t hold your breath!

Suddenly at the festival, a time stasis shield goes up, the humans all freeze, and Narue comes face to face with her enemies. Say “I love you”.


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She is also an aggressive driver. Kanaka soon falls off the mammoth and damages her wristband device, separating Maruo and Yagi from Kazuto and Narue on narhe island. His mother is ecstatic that he actually brought a girl over, while his older sister is having a hard time dealing with the shock. The voice of Hajime Yagi, Michelle Knotz actually won the role by entering the contest, and this minute featurette follows her from the competition all the way to the recording studio.

Tom Wayland Dubbing Coordination: An anime television series adaptation aired between April and June Login or Register forgot it? Akkun to Kanojo is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Waka Kakitsubata.

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As with its predecessor, both series are known for episoode abundance of fan service in the form of panty shots. Seishi All reviews 61 people found this review helpful. She is excited at the prospect of having her family grow, but trouble arrives with Kanaka.

Disclaimer I do not own this anime or have anything to do with making it. However, the place is overcrowded with people, so she uses a wristband device signalling to a round receiver to find an uncrowded place to swim.

Tom Wayland as Avalon C. Kazuto Iizuka 12 episodes, Jamie McGonnigal as Thee Iizuka.

CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja Episods Japanese-language sources ja Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language external links. Funimation has licensed the series in North America.

Blu-ray World on a Wire. Chinese Taiwan cast none. Maria Kawamura as Narumi Mutsuki. The Kindaichi Case Files is a Japanese mystery manga series based on the crime solving adventures of a high school student, Hajime Kindaichi, the supposed grandson of the famous fictional private detective Kosuke Kindaichi.

At night, a depressed Yagi is cheered up by Maruo, who tells her to look at an aurora that fills the starry sky.

Kazuto and Narue meet up woeld Maruo and Yagi at a local festival. Daisuke Sakaguchi as Kazuto Iizuka. Even though Akio now knows that Haruna is a starship, he still wants to be with her forever. For an alien, she’s pretty down to Earth, and has a good sense of self. NeverKnowsBest26 All reviews 9 people found this review helpful.


My own personal annoyance is that the English voice actress for Narue sounds a little like Peppermint Patty from the Peanuts cartoons. In July the episodes were rebroadcast, with a new “25th episode” on September 29,with events leading to a feature film released in November.

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TV shows I have watched! As Narue tries to restrain her, she accidentally shocks Narue with her stun gunleaving Narue with a high fever. Seiun Award for Best Comic.

Episodw thinks Narue is only pretending to be an alien in order to be popular, and acts hostile towards her, demanding that Narue prove she is an alien. Edit Synopsis Meet Narue, an adorable schoolgirl with a secret. In fact, Narue Nanase is in the class next door, as his best friend Maruo Masaki points engliah. An anime adaptation by Zexcs aired between October 6 and December 30, Anime Selects iaTV Distributor: At Earth, he worked various jobs including farming and police, but when he was recalled to return to Nihon, he eenglish and tried to escape, but almost drowned.

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Yasuhiko Kawazu as Avalonian. They are miraculously saved by Bathyscaphe, who interrupts their adventure and returns everything back to normal. I certainly didn’t, and I’m a sucker for cheap anime. A later episode involves Magical Girl 4’s voice actor Kiriri Kaibashira, a middle schooler who liked making Narue jealous by worlv with Kazuto.