He hires accomplices of hobos from the down and out to attack the railroad in any way, including blowing up trestles, ripping up rail and ties, cutting power lines and communication systems, and collapsing tunnels on workers, leaving them to suffocate or be crushed. He creates main characters like Issac Bell that we all can look up to and yet relate to. Would you listen to The Wrecker again? They are so engrossed and so likely to scream stop that when they do ask the loco to stop it doesnt. Dec 25, Lisa Brown rated it really liked it Shelves: The story is fast paced, picking up speed towards the epic conclusion.

The ending presumably attempted to tie some loose ends, but it succeeds only to bring more where-did-that-come-from moments. There is a point in the story when they reveal spoiler all the preparations years ago. In regards to the main character, Isaac Bell, Dirk Pitt is a hard act to follow and is beloved to all Cussler fans. Cinder Dicks being railroad cops, tend to end up running into the business end of blunt instruments with that sweet spot between their eyes. The author is skilled at bringing in the details of how society works in that era, such as how beef makes it to NYC, or how different strata of society operate in SFO Do you need to read this series in order: Van Dorn sends in his best man, and Bell quickly discovers that a mysterious saboteur haunts the hobo jungles of the West, a man known as the Wrecker, who recruits accomplices from the down-and-out to attack the railroad, and then kills them afterward. As much as I like the Dirk Pitt books, this series is in some ways even better. What did you like most about The Wrecker?

There were some wdecker were I thought they really could have skipped some details. The only thing that was slightly negative was that the author does not always explain the thought process of the main character which leads to a little confusion in events. Good period piece about the early ‘s and building the early railroads out West. I would buy these books again Any additional comments?


Feb 21, Melinda rated it really liked it. If Bell doesn’t stop him in time, the entire future of the country could be at risk. I knew about the San Francisco earthquake and some about the railroad but these guys went all It took me a whole yhe to finish this book and I usually finish about a book on average in a week so I was frustrated reading this book but I tried not to let that influence my rating.

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Apr 20, Ron rated it really liked it. They’re all very well portrayed by Brick. An OTP has been sent to your email address. It will be my next oneā€¦. Lists with This Book. Most of the cyssler takes place in in the United States of America. Unfortunately synopsiw is revealed to the reader even quicker and with almost no effort of trying to conceal him.

Very slow start building to an exciting end. Open Preview See a Problem?

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In this story, he is searching for the “Wrecker,” a man who has not only caused untold damage on the railroad, but has killed many innocent people along the way. I’m tired of those over-the-top Cussler plots to take cuasler the world and only one man can stop them.

The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful.

What did the Wrecker have to gain, and why was he so intent on destroying one particular train company following the What can I clkve So the series is more or less finished with me. Just make sure to pull out your old history notes so you understand the behind the scenes motives and events.


The Wrecker

Sep 14, Brigham Thornock rated it it was amazing. This agency takes on cases that Clive Cussler is writing books with collaborators these days, but it hasn’t affected the quality of cussle stories. This site uses cookies. They are one of my secret pleasures in life.

My initial thought was whether his novels quench my thirst for thriller-historica It isa year of financial panic and labor unrest.

I eat this book in six sittings, I think any less and you are likely to rewriting the ending to follow the plot. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In regards to the main character, Isaac Bell, Dirk Pitt is a hard act to follow and is beloved to all Cussler fans. Well, I guess these things were quite the novelty around the turn of the twentieth century, and societies quickly became dependent on this new found mode of transportation. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I’d say they could have taken out maybe a quarter of the book, or 50 pages at least. Languages Italiano Edit links. And lots of railroads. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Wrecker is the second book of the Isaac Bell series, following the exploits of the super smart, super rich, super handsome, super everything early s detective. New technologies are introduced like aeroplanes and talking pictures.

A really good story, creats pictures with his words, you can see what you are listening to. Why would anyone choose to describe a boiler instead of the human panic is beyond my hope of understanding