It was all amazing. Bowles suggested that Gordy put all his young artists on a bus to tour as the Motown Revue. Furthermore, you don’t need the designer clothes to be beautiful; your design is beautiful enough”. Gennie Neuman-Lambert Lighting Designer: My man spoils me! Unexplained mysteries still surround her death, as her Family believes she was killed because someone wanted to silence her. Motown was the first label with an in-house charm school that taught artists the art of public speaking, posture, walking, stage presence, etiquette, and personal grooming. We also really wanted to do some sneaky shopping of course and we especially really wanted to go to some vintage stores.

In general London has this awesome city vibe which I really enjoyed and it is just kind of where ever you go it’s cool architecture and just cool to see and explore. If you do the right thing, the right thing will come to you. Waiting for the show. We watched Mahogany , a cocaine addled ride through 70s fashion. I really enjoyed that and found a couple cool pieces. What are your plans for this weekend?? Inspired By A Friend.

The early s saw a rise in team sports seeking to capitalize off the popularity of the Munich Olumpics. Alice in wonderland ballet ballet qpac lyrictheatre openingnight nightout schoolnight mywife gorgeous fun backdrop moon.

He also served as chairman of the Graystone Jazz Museum in Detroit. Julie Gunn Scenic Designer: I love his acting!!! Imgrum Online Instagram Posts Viewer. This was the start of Motown! Lighting on Sweeney sweeneytodd niopera lyrictheatre belfast costumedresser lighting uvlight. Like London being such a city I just really enjoyed that and like seeing the life that it had. For Entertainment Purposes Only. DianaRoss BillieDeeWilliams AnthonyPerkins BerryGordy 70s camp funnyreviews scenerychewing hilarious 70sfashion badmovieswelove awesomelybadmovies thosefaces thrikler highcamp trashyourselfcinema divas.


X Lontoo Perkins is a strange, strange revelation mjsikaali his role as an influential, closeted and obsessive fashion photographer.

Great fun, not just a kids show. Little Stevie Wonder playing his harmonica for Berry Gordy. Sweeney Todd and Mrs.

He’s been acting like this all his life and – well – good habits don’t change just because one is dead. The songs they created and performed as a charismatic duo under the Incognito brand are among the coolest, most soulful ones of the whole acid jazz era – not to say of contemporary music ‘s history, though this is an idea I deliberately express for myself.

Thanks to kimmynomnoms for getting us these awesome tickets!!

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Date night with my best friend, what better way to end the day than with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? This is how we feel when we realise there are only two performances left of Sweeney Todd!

It was a source of pride and culture within Overtown. Tonight is opening night for The Rape of Lucretia!

Alice in wonderland ballet ballet qpac lyrictheatre openingnight nightout schoolnight mywife gorgeous fun backdrop moon 0 23 yesterday. Ballard had been one of the original Supremes until she was forced out of the three-woman group by Motown founder BerryGordy and Supreme diva DianaRoss.


Heathers The Musical

Always looking for a fun photo-op. I am the female version of QuincyJones BerryGordy Fiya knows how to discover great talents of the world, its in my DNA I just want to build a legacy where artist dont have to give lpntoo soul up just to pursue their dreams I grew up listening to Jackson 5. I promise to keepthesecretsbut seriously Get yourself a show and cast that are so good, you musimaali your voice from cheering shrieking like a banshee too much.

It was all amazing. Good music endures forever. The song was co written and produced by Berry Gordy. X Billy Dee was dashing and debonair as always.

This show portrays the stories of many motown legends including Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, the temptations, the four tops and of course the man at the centre musilaali it all Berry Gordy. Tried to capture a spontaneous picture of the boyfriend london lyrictheatre thriller bf bestfriend notsospontameous 0 23 3 days ago.

I have to say probably my ultimate favorite things was the musical. I really love cities. The show was fantastic and really brought the magic to life!!