Maybe this doesn’t pertain to you guys but I myself was waiting for something like Megatron’s return in Transformers: Cheetara and Lion-O seems to have this relationship going on, is this new? There was a lot of things I didn’t really care for. Also don’t think that was claudus in the flashback Originally Posted by Saint Phe. Wow, another great episode.

Missed the airing of it on TV, but was able to see it via online sources. The animation for the “Sight Beyond Sight” sequence was beautifully done! A interest between them was hinted at in one episode of the original series titled “Sixth Sense”, but, from what I remember, only the one time, and only very slightly at that; it never went any further. Can’t wait to see what all happened back then. I would add that my theory would be that Mumm-Ra betrayed the cats, tried to kill Claudus, and instead, Tygrus took the blow to save him. Which is a good thing! SO excited for this one. But, we get it 6 eps in.

Originally Posted by Shenlon. Originally Posted by Shenlon What if the eye of Thundera was stolen from the lizards? I’m really hoping that we get see more of whats going on with Cheetara.

Thundercats Episode 6 – Journey To The Tower Of Omens Airs Tonight!

I hope it only gets better from here on out. I’m guessing a thousand years or more All of that has comic mini-series written all over it.

They have already exceeded my expectations based on other modern cartoons.

Much like he did in the original. In the first or second episode, it is stated that there is a prophecy that their greatest king would come bearing the gift of sight beyond sight.

I know this is a kids show but anyone else felt a sexual innuendo when Animefoavor said Cheetara was just trying to get his sword to work I actually liked that the book is thundrecats, but it does seem a bit too video gamey; The book has all your answers, quest for it!


Originally Posted by Icespark You’ve raised a pretty good question with this idea. So, they finally made it to the Tower of Omens I really liked that Cheetara’s eyes glowed in response to the call! Was the book created and hidden prior to the Eye of Thundera?

The flashback was very interesting. While I’m not sure they would do this, I would like to see them make a role-play toy version of it, and Panthro’s nunchucks of course. There is no way you go from flying machines to stone cutters and nobody knowing anything abimeflavor tech in one generation.

Because it wasn’t the recent past.

Originally Posted by Steevy Maximus. I hope that’s not the end for him! He’s dead, but I imagine he’ll show-up in ghost form from time to time. Very surprised they kept it this good this long.

I truly can’t wait to see what is going to happen in the next episode! I suspect they are distant descendants of Lion-o and Tygra. Or maybe the cats were a very primitive species and Mumm-Ra came down in his flying pyramid and they worshiped him like a God. I also want to know how tech-oriented or magic-oriented he is.

Thundercats Episode 6 – Journey To The Tower Of Omens Airs Tonight! –

But when Lion-O calls upon sight beyond sightno one is surprised or even acts like it is all that impressive. Tower of Traps all right! My head is spinning go to go calm down lol what an episode. Originally Posted by Balgus82 They’ve said in interviews that Mumm-Ra has known about the sword for years.


Thundercats 2011 Season 1 Episode 1 – 2

They did say in the opening episodes that the book of omens has stories of technology with the cats, but it was nice to see it in action. Snarf and the twins actually helping out, if by accident in the case of Snarf, was really nice. Who did they take the Eye of Thundera from?

The animation for the “Sight Beyond Sight” sequence was beautifully done! You know the big wait and then an episode that really was worth the wait of sixteen episodes.

Them and Mumm-Ra working together is definitely an interesting twist. My enthusiasm has waned a little this episode, I hope it returns next round. The tower is really nice. This has been something I wanted to see, moving story along, every ep so far. Another really good ep. There was no grand reveal. So it was at least years ago. I want to see a battle between the two tanks!

Guess I was wrong about the Thundercats not previously interacting with technology. Originally Posted by Lord Lion O. They fled to Thundera after his betrayal and vowed to disown technology. Wow, another great episode. I think I creeped the Mrs. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the dowload. This is just something I thought of as I lay in bed lol. Just another Easter egg?