Heath Slater came out to a lot of boos as they showed him winning last week over and over. It was like he was married to Liz back then and she was a huge commodity and a huge star with the WWF, or that’s what they were called back then, of course. WWE Bragging Rights is no more. Angle turns around and locks his arms around James and does a tremendous belly to belly suplex on the outside! They’ll reveal who trained Garett. Sting goes on to compare Roode to a child in school who disrespects his teacher. Angle kicks at Hardy before hitting an elbow to the back of the neck.

He gets in the ring. Just going to be sore. Anna Brewster Star Wars: A former WWE Superstar, Christopher also known as Grandmaster Sexay accused his father of being absent from his life growing up and proclaimed that he was the bigger Superstar of the two. The message, however, was quickly deleted. Sky rolls out of the ring as she celebrates her victory as Love stares down Sky. Amid reports that CM Punk is unhappy behind the scenes and is considering leaving WWE when his contract expires later this year, Paul Heyman wrote on Twitter heymanhustle:. Abyss grabs his head in the middle of the ring and twists it.

He begins talking about the match he had on Sunday as he dominated the match. The word on Disco is that he’s making a one-time appearance that will air on the show. Sting gets back to his desirullez, but Roode takes him out from behind with a chop block. Kurt says he is not scheduled to wrestle.

Ring Ka King – Episode 3

When Titus rowd Percy, Alex Riley made his entrance and cut a short promo before Riley and Watson cleared the ring after a short brawl. His face becomes deformed as he is dumbfounded yet frustrated. Everybody else in Immortal is doing great, brother.

TNA’s “apology” to fans that ordered Victory Road. Kaz, the voice of reason, turned his back on AJ. JB is alongside Bobby Roode. It looks like Bully Ray hurt himself and might have pulled a quad or blown his knee out. Anderson ducks a right hand and beats desirulz Kaz in the corner before sending him across the ring and hitting a big clothesline.


AJ gets criticized by both Booker and Bill, the latter of whom says it’s become clear to him that AJ is the weakest link. Matt now crawls to his corner to tag Eric, but Jeremy tags himself in and then climbs the corner. Byron gets a two-count.

Gail avoids a splash in wtch corner and heads to the outside, but Rayne charges in and sends her crashing out to the 2102 rail, and the floor. Louis and was doing fairly well but wasn’t blowing up the ladder like expected so he came here and broke in the business. Sky rolls out of the ring as she celebrates her victory as Love stares down Sky.

Gna think wrestling fans have wanted to see Sting vs. Divas Champion Brie Bella def. Rock responded,”Making movies is something that I love to do, and I know that it brings a lot of people joy, which in turn brings me and my soul great gratification.

O’Neil blind tagged himself in and pinned Riley.

TNA Victory Road Results

Chavo climbs the turnbuckle slowly and hits the frog splash on him. He goes to whip Roode, but Roode reverses. It could be done. Andy says he wants to win, he wants to beat Christina, but not like that. Curt Hennig, God rest his soul, managed me and Liz managed Randy and we gave them a hell of a show and it was awesome.

MAgnus comes back with punches of his own, then another clothesline. Displaying the same fighting spirit that earned him the nickname The Italian Stallion, Marella battled the twins almost singlehandedly before scoring the victory with his dreaded Cobra strike. Yoshi Tatsu -Commercial -Matt Striker is in the ring, and he welcomes watcj co-host Maryse to the ring.

It was ridiculous, it took out the believability factor.

Eric walks away and Immortals go after the X-Divisioners. This was a tough one. He says if it was really up to Mick Foley, it would be a show all about thumbtacks.

It looks like Michael Hayes may be done as Tyson Kidd’s manager already. With the recent success and signs that the show could already be onlinr an instant hit, it seems we could very well be in for more Ring Ka King.


Kurt falls and rolls out. Haskins botched a shooting star press Brock Lesnar style. The real Sting turns around and sees Mr.

Before he does, he takes a swig. He calls Roode a chump.

TNA Victory Road – 3/18/12 – 18th March | HDTV | Watch Online/ Download –

World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan def. It was never going away because I knew I would one day use it again. Mark Henry Disqualification SmackDown results: He gets on stage and raises his arms as fireworks explode in the air.

When i 2021 a chance to go up against Ric, It was a real honor for me. Ion catches Aries with a boot to the gut before floating over Aries in the corner repeatedly. Internationally, we are doing phenomenal. He knocks him down and works on the leg. Jeff says the alpha male has something to say. After a hard-fought battle, Santino took down Mahal with the Cobra and secured the victory.

TNA Victory Road Part 1

Yoshi whips Byron into the corner, hits a double knee attack, throws Byron to the mat, and climbs the turnbuckle. Austin Aries Following the match Aries celebrates with his title as Ion slinks off to the back. So, you have to take it with a grain of salt and the most important thing is that Randy and I went out there and put on an amazing match for the fans.

There is no telling desiurlez effects this will have on the gentle side of this fierce giant. But it could have been Chris Jericho hosting the show and it would have had a bit of a different slant. It wasn’t Karen’s fault.