You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I was willing to put up with a lot in this drama for the sake of my nostalgic love of the source material and my weakness for the cross-dressing girl trope, but the last two episodes – and especially 16 – just about drove me bonkers. Lee Hyun Woo might be not the most handsome guy in this drama but he is so sweet, thoughtful, adorable, understanding and so much more where can l have one? Eun-Gyeol is sitting and Hyun-Jae gives him a drink which he bought with his hard earned allowance. Am I writing about Sulli’s height fitting to Minho’s hugging? Pointless, skipped every scene whenever the manager came up. Please enter your username or email address.

Speed reading has some drawbacks. Now let’s talk SHINee shall we? How Goo Jae Hee identity rumor started? Jeannette October 9, at 3: LOL Jiro Wang was nuts in that version. In the morning Tae-Joon tells her that he is going to an interview and she tells him that Eun-Gyeol wants to take her somewhere and he tells her to be careful.

I was making a daebakskbs effort to learn Korean, but I got busy or lazy. Overall he was alright, at times he was good – just outshined by the supporting characters.

Posted January 22, at Posted May 14, at 6: Another student, the high jumper rival of Kang Tae-joon, i. In almost unrelated but still related news, has no one seen the second Japanese remake?


[Show] 120814 f(Sulli) – Strong Heart Preview

Nothing good ever comes about at the Han River, Eun-gyul! Jae-hee maintains her poker face long enough for Tae-joon to come to her defense. In the end, the bbeautiful wasn’t enough to overcome the glaring flaws in the writing. But also school and friendships and decisions about the future are part of it.

But Hyun-Woo made this rage fest worth it, because my gosh, he is probably beauttiful of the princes of angst by now. So I was pleasantly surprised that he did a solid job in his acting debut. The outstanding and intriguing characters: Am I writing about Sulli’s height fitting to Minho’s hugging?

I should really post stuff on my fb group. The sweet first love is an important part of youth. Kang Tae Beautitul was adorable, his abs I pretty much only finished this for the visuals and the occasional “aw” moment.

[Show] f(Sulli) – Strong Heart Preview

Episode 15 starts with Eun-Gyeol finding out that Jae-Hee is a girl. Posted January 22, at 8: Totally agree daebakusbs u! Ki Tae Young Supporting Cast. Even kids year olds teenagers or youngest amongst them all Han-na-rang know when to shut up on secret like Tae Joona, Han Gyuli and Han-na-rang, keep their mouth shut on this secret.

Episode 16

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Or maybe someone else informed him. It shouldnt be as you really will be having hard time if not of that boy.

The Shun Oguri version and the Korean version are my favorites. I really like watching the interactions between Jun Ho and Soon Shin.

It’s such a pity that the writer make Jaehee so daebaksubss and has no personality after a few first ep Loved King 2 Hearts. Can’t remeber right now, but even though they MinSul were really cute, I think that’s not going to happen.

He reminds her that she was going to grant him a wish and he tells her that his wish is for her to give him one more chance.

He turns to leave and grabs his hand and she says sorry a couple more times. I just love it. Teacher Lee tells Tae-Joon that Reporter yang is going to take some pictures of some students dxebaksubs the article and she wants him to cooperate with her. I did find the ending somewhat anticlimactic.

Peisode is in the dorm and Jae-Hee comes in and she tells him that she was with Eun-Gyeol and that they have made up.