It’s a fight to the finish for the Supreme title in this pageant. With 90 contestants at the Wonderland pageant in Charleston, WV, there is plenty of great competition! Will mom or daughter take home the biggest crown? She must regain her health in order to be the best mother she can to care for her son. All the glitz and glamour shine on stage at the Universal Royalty pageant in Austin, Texas. Paetynn, 4, Elesha, 5, and pro performer Daisy, 8, are out to win the competition at the Pirate Pageant in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Or will McKenzie prove to be a contender for the top title? Melissa’s Story Part 1. It’s on for the fan-favorite Universal Royalty Pageant. Riley, 5, is not your typical pageant girl; she is just as comfortable wrestling as she is parading in her beauty dress. Fed up, Kim asks Cambrie to coach Selyse. This Site Might Help You. Lyric has a family of female wrestlers; five year-old twins Giavanna and Alycesaundra are considered pageant royalty; an argument with the pageant director leads to police intervention. Kailee will be a rocker and the Gary girls get your attention as a sailor and firefighter.

See Kaylee, 10, Darrick, 4, and Olivia, 3, all battle for the top crown and cash in this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. Texas is a staple in the pageant world and the competition is sure to be fierce. But a disastrous series of events at Gemstars Heroes v Villains leads to an outcome that shocks everyone. Perfectionist Danielle, 10 and rivals Kayla, 4 and Kailia, tiarras put it all on the line at the California Tropic Arizona pageant.

Do you all remember watching this shitt when you were a kid? Destiny’s mom has pushed her credit cards to the limit; Camari needs to bring her best to outshine Sami-Jo.

The Return of Eden Wood

Hope, 6, is the local heavy hitter, stepping it up for the fierce competition with a new dress and flipper for the occasion. For the Ayala sisters, Angela, 8, Addison, 5, and Aliana, 2, it is their first time doing a glitz pageant! Universal Royalty in Austin, TX!


Louisiana is the home of Christy Cosby, pageant director and coach to the best of the best glitz girls! Coming all the way from the mainland is Arizonian Lindsay, 7.

Kiannah, 6, is so episkdes to pageants that her mom and godmother can’t seem to find common ground any of Kiannah’s preparation. All the glitz and glamour shine on stage at the Universal Royalty pageant in Austin, Texas. Little princess Paige, 4, does some unusual preparation with a chiropractic adjustment.

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Katlyn’s family prays for pageant success; Ava and her mom channel spirits; this is Iyslah’s first glitz pageant. Will she be ready to e;isodes on stage? Daddy’s girl Ava, 3, attempts once again to live up to her father’s big dreams of success but Mia, 2, proves to be a showstopper.

The Jungle Safari Pageant roars on. It’s on for the fan-favorite Universal Royalty Pageant. Jaimie and Cambrie take their teams back to the west coast to prepare for Gemstars Heroes v Villains Pageant-run by Jaimie’s mom! Season 4 Episode 9.

Kragen, 8, has something to prove this time around, vying for the elusive Tiny Miss crown she calls “the one that got away. Brenna, 6, is back and is now a local celebrity that expects the royal treatment.

Will she be able to turn her life around and achieve her goal of owning a childcare facility? At the Queen of the Galaxy pageant, see if any spiritual guidance or beginners luck helps win the Ultimate Grand Supreme.


But it’s the spitfire, Kaleigha, who, at only 4 years old, makes the crowd go wild with her crazy on-stage antics. Sweet Daisy Mae, 8, sassy Bridget, 5, and firecracker Jacy, 8, compete in a wild west showdown to win a anx. Is The Bachelor live?

Was Hillary home, sitting next to an empty bottle of chardonnay while blubbering and watching Trump give the SOTU address? Toddlers in tiaras episodes with makenzie? Competing against her is heavy hitter Morgan, 7, and Elexis, 6, who is hoping her winning edge will be her double entry in the talent category. Maddox, 1 and a half years old, is also adorable and a surprisingly top contender. At Universal Royalty Season 9 Episode Taleah, 4, Jasmine, 5, and Lauren, 7, are all from families who have sacrificed a lot to get here, but which beauty will rise to the top to take home the big crown.

Universal Royalty Hollywood Season 4 Episode Everything is big in Texas, especially the stakes woid Universal Royalty!

Season 1 episode 3. Who will be the supreme pageant team? Trophies, crowns, and sashes are all at stake at this year’s Southern Celebrity pageant in Athens, Ohio.

The big threat, Tootie, 10, is blazing her trail for the edwn title and this girl hates to lose. Miranda, 7, will not let her alopecia stop her from bringing her talents to heat up the competition. Will Returns to China. Cadence, 8, has a secret weapon: In the conclusion of Int.