Add – More Blood Lad. Alpha voice as Jouji Nakata Kaori Nazuka The Morose Mononokean -Crunchyroll -Enjoyed it very much. Simple story , artistic , surreal Simple story, artistic, surreal. Add – More Cencoroll. Add – More Black Magic M Full Cast and Crew. A new Attractor is discovered, and while this dream state becomes more dangerous, so does the situation for their new would be ally.

The Complicity of Dreams Overall very good, ending open for discussion. Add – More Binchou-tan. Add – More Appleseed Movie. Search for ” Towa no Quon 1: Ghost Stories- Average anime dubbed with humorous English script added by the studio.

Add epiwode More Dennou Coil. Add – More Clannad: Artsy piecestill images with black ink. Add – More 3×3 Eyes. Add – More Gintama Movie 1: CeresCelestial Legend – Well donelove story of descendents of a celestial maiden trapped on Earth Ceres, Celestial Legend – Well done, love story of descendents of a celestial maiden trapped on Earth.

Sweetcutetouchingslice-of-life. Add – More Asura Cryin’.


Wacky supernatural comedy from In the future where dormant powers awaken in certain people, a secret organization is formed to hunt these people down.

Add – More Youjo Senki. Add – More Asa made Jugyou Chu!

Towa no Quon 6: Towa no Quon (Towanoquon: Eternal Quon) –

Very enjoyable comedy -Funimation. Add – Qquon Death Parade. Hamatora – Crunchyroll Hamatora – Crunchyroll. Half humanHalf Monster women fight Demon Yoma in impossible battles-Everyone says “impossible” a lot.

Cuterelaxing slice of life about 4 female HS art students Cute, relaxing slice of life about 4 female HS art students. The Demon Bird-Ova 2. Silly but cute Silly but cute. Add – More Air Movie.

Towa no Quon Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime

Add – More Akira. Bagithe Monster of Mighty Nature. The Severing Crime Edge -Hair fetish murder mystery. In a futuristic Tokyo, unique human beings who have awakened distinct powers are being hunted by a secret organization named Custos.

37 Best Anime I want to watch images | Manga anime, Anime art, Art of animation

eipsode Goddess specials – Boy still a wimp. Winter Days – Different animators illustrate poem-Beautifulunique Winter Days – Different animators illustrate poem-Beautiful, unique. A real gemFunnyHeartwarming -realitylapse.


Add – More Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Second season of the Gate anime. Add – More Gin no Saji 2nd Season. Add – More Re: Very well done 25 min.

Add – More Fantastic Children Special. Add – More Buttobi!!

Add – More Genshiken. By the creators of Baccano! Add – More Gedo Senki.

Add – More Cat Shit One. Makes my top 10 list Makes my top 10 list.