Reinhold was navigating, but he seemed to be having a nap when we passed a rare sight, a traffic sign. Kodi, Ian and I go back to the place, where the deal for tow was made. First, the water is close to black. Masaj otliza istemci kedi izle. Auto oli selleks hetkeks juba Gruusias. And, well, Clio was finished.

I start to look for signs that others might understand and use as reference points. And, well, Clio was finished. After some standing around and trying to come up with a solution, we noticed a phone number next to the door. It is crazy how many Mongol Rally cars you actually can find in Mongolia, just laying around. As much as it is possible. Tervest retkest ainult seitse minutit?

As others were still asleep, I decided to go to the toilet. The next morning guys were feeling the strength of Mongolian vodka. Immediately steer the car back onto the road and a bit further up the road we made a stop. We left the village about three to four hours later than we had agreed. So how do you tell Mongolians that you need to have two cars towed from somewhere in 22015 middle of nowhere not very far away?

Go check the bridge and see what exactly treilegi around. A bit before dusk I switch with Reinhold because I started to get sleepy. When going through the car documents Jokubas could not find the temporary car import declaration papers, but he did have the papers saying that he can take the car out of the country.

I had been dozing on and off for some time, but then my eye lids literally closed and I woke up the moment half the car had gone off the tarmac and not more than a metre from the ditch. The guys wanted to help us unload the cars in the garage, but their garage door was too low.

Tgeileri Adam did not have any treilegi, then I paid for both of us and placed the note between one wrapper.


Okay, we have two other tires that are a bit less destroyed. Broken timing belt is the end. I presume about what had happened during the time we were on the road.

As we were driving past the hostel, again, I saw a new Mongol Rally car in front of the place and Tom was speaking with them. Luckily following another car is a bit less exhausting than being the first car in the convoy. I met them for the first time the day before the start in UK. We meet the truck a bit further down the road.

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Later he found out that the engine oil canister he used as a pillow had been leaking during the night. Turned around and started heading back, slowly.

The same goes for punctures, so I kept driving on the edge of the grass and gravel. After leaving the pizza actiob and getting some food and drinks from the shop, we were ready to continue our long journey to Novosibirsk. Edukuse esmane eeldus on tegijate kindlustunne. And then we took a nice nap until the afternoon. And because the Polo was a slow moving snail by now, then it took all the distance from the end of 50 zone to the beginning of the next one to get the speed up to 90!

No new clutch disk and no chance to even find a timing belt for the Clio. It stayed there for a long time and police kept pulling us over because they could not see the number plate.

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It looked like a film set. After getting back home everyone started to think about their future trips. The kids got a yoghurt and tin of fish. Meanwhile I stare into the distance not knowing, if we will get to the airport in time or not.

Matt, a former rallier put together the Odyssey to Dakar, which is a long road trip around Europe that also goes all the way to Dakar. Then we ended up unloading the cars on an embankment next to the market. We are waiting at the border zone and this time acton border official are not threatening Jokubas with fines or jail, but with sending him back to Russia!


I look around and we are in a city. When treileeri were nearly ready to go, a local came to talk with us. We drove like that because Jokubas did not have a license on him and the Polo made horrible sound.

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I asked Jokubas should I know something about the car. Also the car seemed to run on two cylinders most of the time. Before we entered Mongolia, we saw an e-mail saying that the Mongol Rally will have two last happy hours after the closing of the finish line. I messed up my passports when leaving Turkey for Georgia and Jokubas got a whole page of stamps in a few hours by going back and forth to get my right passport from the car in Georgia. Some of the yurts in Mongolia are quite fancy — big flat screens, satellite TV and everything in the middle of nowhere!

These were the top speeds! Skandal seks video gizli kamera izle. But no worries, the car was fixed in 16 hours.

I contacted two groups who did the route in the last couple of years asking how passable it is in their opinion in a FWD car. He kept repeating the same pantomime over treilri over again.

Jokubas finds out that the guy works in FSB.

We reply that we know. But we did need to find a petrol station. Tervest retkest ainult seitse minutit?